Why We’re Different

What Makes Karlee Smith Post-Op Bras Different

This article explains why we’re different, and why the Karlee Smith Post-Op bra is the world’s most loved front close recovery bra. Our Surgical Compression bras are the fashionable choice for breast augmentation recovery. KS post operative bras are all front close and wire free. Medical professionals and surgery centers purchase 96.3% of all Karlee Smith Bras. We design bras with love and care to help women feel sexy and comfortable after breast augmentation surgery. Our sexy support garments are perfect after any plastic surgery procedures. Patients are safe and protected after breast lift surgery and breast reconstruction surgery when wearing a Karlee Smith Bra. Read more about the Karlee Smith bra collections, and what makes them special. For example, we have been making the leading post-surgical recovery bras for 10 years. Above all, find the bra that’s perfect for you and shop all bras online.

Karlee Smith Post-Op Bras Offer Maximum Support

To better serve our customers, Karlee Smith offers the choice between two supportive post-op bras. Plastic Surgeons highly recommend our max support styles. The KS medium support styles are ideal for those who have undergone augmentation and lifts.

Along with being supportive for patients who have recently had breast surgery, Karlee Smith bras are ideal for those who love to work out and be active.

For example, the Karlee Smith Bra features no-show straps, a comfortable band, anti-wicking material, and maximum support for high-intensity workouts. Karlee provides the top rated surgical support bra in the United States. The stage 2 recovery bras are best used for lounging, yoga, and Pilates.

Post-Surgical Bras with the Highest Quality Materials

Karlee Smith post-surgical bras are designed with the highest quality materials for maximum comfort and support.

The all-over stretch fabric features soft, supplex-lycra blended fibers, which will naturally mold your breasts into shape. The fabric is designed to expand and contract all over while providing the perfect comfort and balanced compression to form your cleavage following surgery.

Medical Grade Approved Post-Op Bras

Each post-op bra is designed in compliance with the FDA and are latex-free. The breathable materials meet above average medical requirements for post-operative recovery. As a result, the bras will hold up during your recovery process and will retain their shape longer than the average bra.

Another feature that sets us apart from other post bras is the KSMX antimicrobial finish. The post-op bra absorbs moisture and reduces bacteria. The plastic surgery patient gets a fresh. clean and odor-free recovery. The anti-wicking material will react to your body temperature, keeping you comfortable, cool and dry 24 hours a day.

Two Innovative Strap Options and Zip Front Closure

Karlee Smith bras feature two innovative strap options, which make it easy to get bras on and off. You’ll no longer have to lift your arms overhead or behind your back while putting on or taking your bra off.

  • The low-profile hook and loop provides maximum support while being undetectable under clothes.
  • The snap closure strap is super slim, metal free, and ultra-light, and invisible while wearing.
  • The easy zip closure allows for easy on and off access, which is especially important during the recovery process.

Shop Karlee Smith Post-Surgical Bras Online

Karlee Smith post-op bras feature advanced compression technology. Designed to improve the recovery process, our post-surgical bras feature the highest quality materials, unique strap designs for easy changing, and offer the perfect balance of support plus sexy.

With so many reasons why Karlee Smith bras are different from ordinary post-op bras, it’s easy to see why medical professionals and surgeons choose Karlee Smith bras to recommend to patients recovering from breast surgery. Plus, with a fashion-forward design, you’ll enjoy a sexy recovery as well.

Shop Karlee Smith bras online to experience the most loved post-op bras on the market.

How should a compression bra fit and form to your body to recover quickly from breast augmentation surgery? The way a bra fits is both medically important and personally important. Patients that have questions about what they should buy for post-op can call our customer service number to speak with an expert. We also suggest that you consult with your plastic surgeon before, during and after your surgery. If you don’t have a plastic surgeon yet, then you can search for a board certified plastic surgeon at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website.

Also see the fit guide for proper wear. Most importantly, patients should pay close attention to the bottom band because it offers most of the breast support.