A Luxurious Love Affair with Bras & Boobs

The best part about being in love with your breasts is that you spend extra time making sure they are fully supported, kept up, and in good shape. A luxurious love affair with bras & boobs means the same goes for your bras. Your in love with them. When it comes to quality and durability of a bra, we sometimes ignore these really import features because we want to spend less and shop more. The reality is, when you buy new bras for a specific need like a surgery or recovery in the breast area, it is even more important for these bras to have the quality to fully support the breasts after multiple wears & washes. You want a bra that keeps your breasts lifted and in good form to allow your body to heal properly.

Ok, I get it… you have to break out a few extra coins for a good recovery bra but it’s worth it to have a recovery bra that you look good in and can last longer than a few washes. You wear the bra for a minimum of 4-8 weeks before switching into a regular bra. Even after the 4-8 weeks sometimes finding your new size is more difficult that you imaged. If you had your breasts enlarged it can be the challenge of the cups, or if you had a reduction, it could be the band or wire that is giving you a hard time. Regardless, there are good quality options for post-surgical recovery bras so pay for the right one, a Karlee Smith Body Love Bra. It lasts beyond your recovery; one bra will hold good condition for about 4 months after multiple wears & washes.

~ Your KS Bra Fit Expert & Personal Stylist