Breast Augmentation Post-Op Recovery—Part 1 of 2

Breast augmentation postoperative recovery calls for some specific guidelines to follow. Some important things to keep in mind, in order to hope for the very best outcome are as follows:

  • Have a detailed record of your medical history and ensure your chosen surgeon offers directs you in order to promote your recovery after the operation.

Keep these few things in mind in making your choice of procedure:

  • Sub-glandular implants are likely to have a shorter recovery period in comparison to implants placed under the muscles in the chest.
  • Ordinarily, you’ll be fine to return to work within a week of surgery, but you should avoid heavy lifting; schedule yourself for a lighter workload, such as at a desk until fully healed.
  • Carefully limit stretching, bending, twisting, in the first few weeks after surgery. These are stresses and strains on the body, which can prevent proper healing, increase scar tissue formation, likelihood of capsular contracture, pain, soreness, and potential rupture of the implant.

Of course there are many other things to consider, but these should begin to increase your education and awareness, so as to ensure your best post-op recovery from your breast implant surgery. In the next post, we’ll go a bit further into the great care you should implement so as to fade your scarring as much as possible, minimize risks of complications in healing, and just how long you should adhere to your postoperative care regimen.