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Shopping for the right bra after breast surgery?

The bra buying guide & ‘how to’s’ every woman should know when shopping for bras immediately post op or after 8-10 weeks when searching for a new bra wardrobe!

How To: “Tips & Tricks” to know after breast surgery:

  1. How do I know what bras are most comfortable & how should I find a sport bra that is supportive once I get back to the gym after my surgery? Our Body Love Bras offer the most support and many women tend to buy them in a few colors to become part of your workout wardrobe because of the contour fit that molds perfectly to your breast shape keeping your breasts from bouncing too much while doing high impact workouts.
  2. Am I wearing a prosthesis? How heavy is it? Do I need a pocket to put it in for security of mind? For larger cups, it is not necessary to have a pocket in the bra, it is just important to ensure the cup shape on the bra is big enough for your prosthesis – balconette or plunge bras are unlikely to be suitable for you now. Our Body Love bra is always a perfect choice for your long term bra wardrobe, just grab a few more colors to add to your bra wardrobe and wear it every day!
  3. Where is my scarring? Do I want to hide it, or will my clothes hide it mostly? Your Body Love bra will hide your scar and in an underwire bra, depending on how your breast shape settles will determine how your scar heals post surgery. If your scar is a huge concern, we suggest using scar cream immediately after your surgery to reduce its appearance.Does the bra sit on my scarring? Will this irritate me? Our Body Love bras fit perfectly just under the breast and do not ride up, that is why they are MOST LOVED!
  4. Is my new breast shape comfortable and will my Body Love bra fit correctly post op and after the swelling goes down? Our Body Love bras are measured by your band size and continuously mold to fit your breast shape even after they change in size.
  5. Wearing a prosthesis on one breast, is my natural breast comfortable and does the bra fit correctly on that side? Our Body Love bras do not currently have pockets so depending on your breast shape and what is a comfortable fit for you will determine how you wear your Body Love bra!

Our breast care advisers suggest after 8 weeks, use your Body Love bra everyday – even if it is now part of your workout collection – and wear a bra that feels SEXY, the most comfortable for you, your BODY, & your glamorous lifestyle!

Love Your Recovery,

~ Your KS Bra Fit Expert & Personal Stylist