Breast Augmentation Pre-Op Guidelines

In this post, we’ll touch upon preoperative activities, which you need to know, to be correctly prepared for your breast augmentation surgery. Keep in mind, this list isn’t absolutely comprehensive, but it’s a start.

In weeks prior to surgery:

  • Get all labs completed as required by your surgeon; his or her staff will get you up to speed.
  • You’ll probably be required to have had a mammogram within either the past year or past six months. This may be especially true if you’re over age 35.
  • About two weeks prior, you should cease taking medications that contain aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and Vitamin E. For pain management, acetaminophen (Tylenol) is okay.
  • One week before your surgery, you should not drink any alcoholic beverages, as well as one week after your procedure.
  • ON THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SURGERY: your surgeon will most likely require you to fast, with nothing to eat or drink after midnight, for purposes of administering of anesthesia.
  • ON THE DAY OF YOUR SURGERY: your surgeon may require you to not wear makeup, use hair care products, or even nail polish in some cases. You should wear clothing where you don’t have to slip it over your head, and is loose fitting. It’s best not to bring or wear any jewelry, including body piercings. It’s also best to leave valuables at home. You’ll not wear underarm deodorant, so you will want to bathe prior to leaving home for your surgery appointment. If you’re on your period, consult with your surgeon’s staff for the doctor’s preference on what you should wear.

Again, these are general guidelines to help you know what to expect and anticipate some basics. The better prepared you are, the more at ease you’ll be. Greater preparation=less fear and anxiety! Following these stipulations will get you started on the right track for a successful breast augmentation surgery.

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