Breast Implants Water Baggie Test

Big boob Karlee smith braAlthough facing your breast enlargement surgery day can be exiting, VERY exciting ,you might, quite naturally, feel some apprehension because you’re not sure what the perfect size just for you will be. That’s good that you’re being cautious. You might be surprised approximately 33% of breast enhancement surgeries are to make adjustments in cup size. So you’ll be happier if you do all you can to get it right the first time!

But in the meantime, you’re most likely excited and have been standing in front of the mirror, imagining your new, beautiful breasts!

So how can you do one better than picture in your mind what your bust might look—and feel—like beneath your clothing? Well, if you read in one of our previous posts, about the rice test—and old trick to approximate cup size increases, using measured amounts of rice—you perhaps have already tried that and were looking to this follow up post on the water baggie test.

To get a feel for how your new breasts will feel in weight, put the same amount of water as rice you chose in a zip lock type bag, insert the bags in your bra and check the weight. Just be careful to zip the bag tight and not to spill! When you find the size/weight you like, pour the water into a measuring cup, that shows cc’s, being very careful not to spill, and this will give you an idea as to a good starting point for weight.

Of course, your chosen surgeon (you have chosen one, right?) can give you invaluable feedback and input so as to help you get it right the very first time, avoiding problematic adjustments on down the line.

To the kitchen for some baggies!

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