Direct to Implant Reconstruction

Direct-to-Implant Breast Reconstruction after mastectomy is often called “one-step” reconstruction. This procedure is best suited for women who, after mastectomy, have adequate preservation of the skin from her breasts just after her mastectomy. The procedure is not for everyone, in that only select patients are good candidates based on this criterion of good skin preservation.

After the mastectomy procedure has been completed, the breast mound is reconstructed in a single stage, skipping placement of a tissue expander; a process to create a “soft pocket” in the chest cavity, beneath the pectoralis muscle. This is to make for accommodation for the permanent implants to follow. The viability of the direct-to-implant process relies on efficient skin volume to accommodate the permanent implant immediately following mastectomy. The great thing about the direct to implant procedure, obviously, is that it reduces the number of procedures needed to finalize reconstruction and desired end result.

And, depending on how good the results are after giving the initial reconstruction a chance to “settle down,” a second stage reconstruction, which will create a more desirable and aesthetic result for the patient may take place. This procedure is outpatient, which will entail minor adjustments in shape and balance conceivably without needing to exchange the implant. Both the initial implant placement and even the (possible) second stage procedures take about an hour in surgery.

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