How to Measure & Find Your Perfect Bra Size!

Your Band, Your Bust, Your Sexy Bra Fit!

Finding the perfect bra size & the right bra has the power to transform you! Three sexy things to you need to understand to find the perfect fit are sizing, how to wear your bra properly, and how to dress to fit your perfect breast shape!

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Standing in front of a mirror, without a bra on and using a soft measuring tape, bring the tape across your back at band level, under each arm, around the front and measure just below the bust (a good guide is where your traditional bra cup meets the bottom of the bra).

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This measurement is not necessary since our bra cups mold to fit your breast shape perfectly. However, this measurement can be taken if your bust measurement falls outside of our standard fit guides.

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This is your Karlee Smith calculated bra size.  Your measurements should result in a size between (S-2XL).

Does your band number fall between one our standard sizes? Round down to the nearest even number.

Take measurement #1 & if you are unsure about your measurement and your coordinating bra size (S, M, L, XL) then try your sexy fit calculation by proceeding to measure as instructed below.

Use your measure from step 1 and then measure completely around the fullest part of the bust being careful that the tape isn’t too tight and binding or too loose and pulled away from the body. With the tape in position, take a breath in and out, allowing it to slide to its most comfortable fit.  With these two measurements you should be able to know your standard bra size.  Use that comparison size to find your sexy fit!

lf the measurement falls on the half inch, round up for augmentation & down for reduction or lift!

Bra Size: Small

Underbust Measurement: 28″ – 32″

Flat Band Measures: 25″ – 28″

Our bra size small fits women who wear the traditional bra size 32B/C/D/DD through 34A/B.

Bra Size: Medium

Underbust Measurement: 34″ – 36″

Flat Band Measures: 30″ – 35″

Our bra size medium fits women who wear the traditional bra size 34B/C/D/DD through 36A/B/C/D/DD.

Bra Size: Large

Underbust Measurement: 38″ – 40″

Flat Band Measures: 37″ – 39″

Our bra size large fits women who wear the traditional bra size 38C/D/DD/DDD through 40B/C/D/DD/DDD.

Bra Size: XLarge

Underbust Measurement: 42″ – 44″

Flat Band Measures: 41″ – 44″

Our bra size xlarge fits women who wear the traditional bra size 42C/D/DD/DDD through 44B/C/D/DD/DDD.

Bra Size: XXLarge

Underbust Measurement: 46″ – 48″

Flat Band Measures: 45″ – 47″

Our bra size xxlarge fits women who wear the traditional bra size 46C/D/DD/DDD through 48B/C/D/DD/DDD.

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