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Surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals, be the first to get exclusive new post-surgical bras and recovery garments, special discounts and offers, and earn secret surgeon rewards. Learn why Karlee Smith post-surgical bras can improve your patient’s recovery.

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Improve your Patient’s Post Surgical Experience with a Karlee Smith Post Op Bra!

Calling all medical professionals! Are you looking for ways to improve your patient’s post-op breast augmentation experience? Post-surgical bras from Karlee Smith offer a sexy alternative to other post-op bras and are designed to give patients a comfortable, speedy recovery. Our post-op bras are highly recommended by surgeons, medical professionals, and hospitals because of unique design. Learn more about our post-surgery bras that offer a faster and stronger recovery, then contact us to learn about our exclusive offers and savings for medical professionals.

The Karlee Smith Post Op Bra: Strap Options

Each Karlee Smith bras is designed with quality in mind and provide those who have undergone a breast augmentation or reduction with superior support.

Part of what sets our post-surgical bras apart from others is our unique strap options. Choose from a super slim snap to closure or a low-profile hook and loop. These straps make it easy to use and comfortable to wear. Plus, there’s no need to lift your arms overhead or behind your back!

Why Medical Professionals Trust Karlee Smith Post Surgical Bras?

Karlee Smith post-surgical bras were not only designed to be sexy and fashion-forward, they serve a dual purpose as a functional, comfortable post-surgical bra.

Medical professionals trust Karlee Smith medical grade compression bras as they are designed to speed up the healing process, while reducing discomfort by stabilizing the breast implants. The wickable material keeps patients cool and dry after surgery, while the antimicrobial finish reduces bacteria for a fresh and clean recovery. With moderate and maximum support options, you can find the right compression bra for your patient’s needs.

In addition to being comfortable and function, Karlee Smith post-surgical bras are incredibly fashion forward – unlike typical compression bras. Plus, they aren’t seen under clothing, so patients can enjoy a sexy, successful recovery.

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Medical Professional Benefits: Working with Karlee Smith

Medical professionals will enjoy exclusive benefits when working with Karlee Smith like special discount offers, secret surgeon rewards, and exclusive new products. We’ll help you connect with your patients through exclusive events and refer patients to you. Contact us to learn more about Karlee Smith post-surgical bras and our exclusive medical professional discounts and offers.