Nafsika Lourentzatos

Nafsika Lourentzatos Perhaps you’re familiar with the name, or perhaps you recall having seen her picture, here. Nafsika’s story is a prime example of what can potentially happen to a woman seeking breast surgery (in her case, breast augmentation) without using a board certified plastic surgeon that uses only those procedures lawfully approved within the United States.

Nafsika, at 17, had an obsession to have the kinds of breasts she had seen on fashion models and Hollywood starlets—she just “had” to have them…but she didn’t have much money. Nevertheless, Nafsika would not be deterred from having what she wanted. So she scraped together $1,500 and met with a Colombian doctor in a New York City hotel room, where she, astonishingly, underwent an illegal procedure, called free-floating silicone, WITHOUT anesthesia!

Of course, you could have told her you don’t get a high-quality boob job for $1,500; that alone should have been a clue to Nafsika. But she didn’t do her homework. She didn’t raise enough money (she was about $5,000 short). And she didn’t seek out a recognized, certified surgeon.

Well, several agonizing years later, after suffering much pain and embarrassment at having to makes excuses about her irregularly shaped breasts to boyfriends, etc, Nafsika had to have both of her breasts removed just to save her life from the silicone that had worked its way into her system. It took 6 different surgeons’ warnings before she finally, tragically, underwent her full, double mastectomy. Now, Nafsika is a strong proponent warning women of the dangers of not using an experienced, highly skilled surgeon recognized by the highest of scrutiny within their medical community.

The lesson here is clear: go with ONLY a board certified plastic surgeon for your breast surgery…of any kind.

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