What Patients Say

Patients matter to us! Stories from actual patients about their experience with the Karlee Smith post breast augmentation bra, post surgical bra, and sports bras.

Ely (Breast Aug Patient)

Breast augmentation patient at Swan Center Plastic Surgery; Atlanta, GA


“I can’t say enough about how I look and feel after my breast augmentation and recovery in a Karlee Smith Compression Bra. The material is so soft and supple on my highly sensitive skin and the bra helped me get back to feeling like myself and regaining my active lifestyle. ”

Elizabeth (Breast Augmentation Patient)

Breast augmentation patient at Raj Plastic Surgery; Westlake, OH


“I want to thank Karlee Smith Compression Garments for finally creating a stylish and dynamic recovery bra. I felt safe, secure, and still sexy. After many washes it still maintains the same shape, color and quality. Every seam is intact and the material has not frayed.”

Yadyra (Breast Augmentation Patient)

Breast augmentation patient at Robert Young Aesthetic Enhancements; San Antonio, TX


“Karlee Smith Compression Bras are just what the doctor ordered! It kept the girls in place and is very comfortable, with no pressure points. I wear it 24 hours a day. Once I was healed, I still wear it as a sports bra because I love the fit and contemporary styles.”

"The last thing I ever though of before my surgery was the bra. The day after my surgery, it was the only thing I though of. Feeling safe and secure and supported during my recovery was a big concern. Your bra is still holding up my new boobs perfectly. I'm glad my dr gave me an extra one."

- Lisa A., Atlanta, GA

Darlene (Plastic Surgery Patient)

“This is by far the best, most comfortable, and supportive bra I have ever worn. I have tried other compression garments before and nothing compares. Usually, if they are supportive or compressing they bind under the arms and cause chafing. This great design stays in place, is comfortable, and is easy to take on and off thanks to the front zipper and button shoulder snaps.”

     – Darlene, Breast Reconstruction Patient

Beachwood Plastic Surgery, Beachwood, OH

Sue (Breast Surgery Patient)

“As a breast cancer survivor, I loved how Karlee Smith made a sterile, surgical product stylish and fun. After going through numerous treatments and surgeries, Karlee Smith’s Compression Bras helped me get back to having ownership of my body.”

     – Sue Taylor, Breast Reconstruction Patient

Breast Surgery Center, Chicago, IL

Mary (Cosmetic Breast Patient)

“The bra that my plastic surgeon sent me home in fell apart after 2 washes. I am so glad I bought your support bras after my Breast Aug. My Karlee Smith Surgical bra’s still look new after 6 months of wearing and washing. Thanks!!”

     – Mary Boulder, Breast Augmentation Patient

New York City, New York

Jenny (Cosmetic Surgery Patient)

“I get asked about my bra all the time when I am at yoga class. No one ever believes I’m wearing a Medical bra. It’s really like the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worn. I have six of them.”

     – Jenny Cohen, Breast Lift Patient

Phoenix, AZ