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Surgical Support Comfort Bra – Pink Stripes


The Surgical Recovery Bra is designed to give you the support and comfort after your medical procedure. This bra has a seamless cup front zipper to support you after your breast surgery. You need support and comfort for your tender and sensitive areas after your surgery. With a perfect bra design to support you after your breast surgery during your recovery time, you will have both the comfort and support you need. Ideal for any type of breast procedures and a great pair with any lounge wear for recouping. Recommended Wear 1-4 weeks after breast surgery & beyond. Also for Yoga, Pilates, & Lounging Everyday!

Post-Op Bra Key Features:

  • Moderate Support
  • Low Profile Velcro Closures
  • Zipper Front Close (Heart Shaped Neckline)
  • Full strap adjust-ability
  • Medical Grade (all over stretch) Fabric
  • Anti-bacterial & Moisture – Wicking

How to measure for the right size bra

Color : PINK
Size : S
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To hand wash or not to hand wash?

Hand washing is ideal. Hand washing using cold water and lingerie safe detergent is recommended but machine washing is fine if you tuck your garments into a lingerie bag. Be sure to select the coldest water and most gentle cycle.

Love and Care - Karlee Smith's Bras

Can I put these bras in the dryer?

Air drying is also preferable, but if you machine dry on low heat then just be sure you keep your bras in a lingerie bag.

Is it best to hang up my bra or can it be folded in my dresser?

Storing your bras correctly is critical to keeping them around. Racerback, soft cup, sport bras can be carefully folded to your liking and gently placed in your dresser drawer.

1 review for Surgical Support Comfort Bra – Pink Stripes

  1. Fiona Goldberg

    I’ve never felt such soft and luxurious fabric. Luv, luv, luv how your bras fit…light as a feather they are with primo support. Don’t know how u did it but keep doing what u do.

    • Karlee

      Glad you are enjoying the bras. The touch, the feel, the fit. Having those 3 qualities as the cornerstone of my brand has been an 11 year obsession filled with smiles and laughter, tears and sorrow and a long, long path filled with wonderful, caring and dedicated nurses, patient coordinators and lovers of women. Developing our own signature fabric took 6 years, tons of patience and agony, was developed with 7 textile companies in 3 countries, 14 major hospitals and 3 universities. It also produced an ocean of tears(mine) and many life lessons for a very naive designer(me). Looking back, being stubborn never felt so good. Divas before dollars, bras for boobs, people before profits. Making women feel good from the moment they get up from an operating table. The select and exclusive plastic surgeons that get selected to carry out bras are the most compassionate physicians in the world.

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