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Karlee Smith post-operative bras successfully blend design-driven, fashion forward silhouettes with the support and comfort you need during the recovery process. As the #1 post-surgical bra of choice by surgeons and medical professionals in the USA, we’re proud to help women achieve a sexy recovery.

We offer moderate to maximum support depending on your recent procedure and your unique situation. Each of our racerback styles are specifically engineered for posture, offering support from the upper to lower parts of the back, which will reduce stress from the weight of your breasts.

Choosing the right bra for your needs largely depends on your recent procedure. Find out which Karlee Smith post-operative bra is right for you.

Post-Operative Bras with Moderate Support

Breast augmentation surgery can give women a fuller, more symmetrical and even natural appearance, while a breast lift can lift up the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast.

Women who have undergone a breast augmentation or breast lift recently will want to choose a post-operative bra with moderate support.

Karlee Smith’s Surgical Support Snap Bra is ideal for those who have undergone a recent breast augmentation or breast lift. This bra provides moderate support and features a wireless, comfortable design. Its low profile double snap strap closure and front zip closure make it easy to get on and off. Like every Karlee Smith post op bra, it is designed with medical grade and anti-bacterial stretch fabric, so you can stay comfortable and dry throughout the recovery process.

While our moderate support bras are great for the recovery process, they are stylish and supportive enough to wear after for yoga, Pilates, and athleisure!

Post-Surgical Bras with Maximum Support

After a breast reduction or reconstruction surgery, you’ll want to shop for a post-operative bra that provides maximum support bra. Karlee Smith’s Breakaway Front Zip Post Surgery Bra provides patients with maximum support, while being comfortable at the same time.

Our racerback compression bra is recommended for Stage 1 immediate post op and beyond. Featuring our exclusive KSMX antimicrobial finish, the Breakaway Front Zip Post Surgery Bra helps reduce bacteria, odor, and fight off infection in order to speed up your healing process. The medical grade stretch fabric conforms to your natural curve, while the zipper front closure makes it easy to get on and off.




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Designed to meet the needs after any breast procedure, Karlee Smith post op bras are the best on the market. Recommended by medical professionals and surgeons across the United States, Karlee Smith bras have been created to meet the needs of patients experiencing breast augmentation, reduction, lift, mastectomy and lumpectomy. With a fashion forward design, not only will you feel your best, you’ll look your best, too!

Shop our maximum and moderate post-operative bras online to experience the Karlee Smith difference.