Breast Reconstruction

Post Op Bras for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Genetics, life events, emergency medical procedures and more can all take a toll on your breast tissue. In these cases, your doctor may recommend breast reconstruction surgery can to restore your breasts’ shape and symmetry – as well as your self-confidence.

About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction restores the shape, appearance, symmetry, and/or size of one or both breasts due to a genetic abnormality or following other surgeries that may affect breast proportions.

There are two types of breast reconstruction:
 Implant-based – which involves the use of silicone or saline breast implants.
 Flap Reconstruction – which uses tissue from another part of the body to form a new breast.

It is vital to speak with your doctor about which reconstruction option is best suited for you based on your body type and/or your previous medical procedures.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Recovery Process

If you do choose to have breast reconstruction surgery, the right support bra will be essential to a good recovery process.

What Happens After Surgery

After your breast reconstruction surgery, your surgeon will carefully bandage all incisions, and cover your breasts with an elastic bandage. Your surgeon may also place a tube under the skin, usually under the armpit, to drain blood or fluids and keep the surgical site dry.

Your breasts and the surrounding tissues will most likely be sore and swollen following breast reconstruction surgery, and it could take several weeks to notice the difference in the symmetry and shape of your breasts. Make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions and recommendations regarding changing tubes or bandages, medication, exercise, diet and more.

Best Bras for Breast Reconstruction Surgery Recovery

Women who have undergone breast reconstructive surgery should shop for a compression bra with maximum support; for example, Karlee Smith’s Breakaway Front Zip Post Surgery Bra.

This bra is the perfect compression garment to keep you feeling comfortable, shapely, and secure after reconstruction. This t-shirt soft racerback will target key compression zones to keep your upper body braced and balanced for everyday activities. Plus, our medical-grade fabric will help fight off bacteria, odor, and infection so you can stay healthy throughout your recovery.

If you’ve had breast reconstruction surgery, shop our selection of Karlee Smith post-op bras for maximum support today!