The Danger of Breast Bands, Straps, or Wraps Post Surgery

The Danger of Breast Bands, Straps, or Wraps Post Surgery – Why many surgeons are no longer using or suggesting breast bands, displacement straps, or ace wraps after breast surgery…THEY ARE DANGEROUS! With the new technology and advanced techniques happening in breast surgery these bands actually do a dis-service to your post-op results.  Bands and breast wraps tend to flatten the breasts placing a downward pressure on the top of your breasts which will cause your breasts to take shape abnormally and cause you to heal unnaturally.  This can lead to poor aesthetic post-operative breast results.  The reason these straps were used in earlier years was to hold the implants in place and mostly due to the fact that the implants were being inserted too high on a the chest.

Our sexy post operative bra actually molds to conform to each unique breast shape applying exact compression at targeted points. Our bra technology reduces swelling, increases blood circulation, and aids in healing the breasts to shape and form a more precise, natural look each patient anticipates pre-operatively.

Breast bands do not provide any support to hold your breasts they are used more for stabilization so implants do not move.  With implants, especially for larger busts, you need all over support immediately after surgery to provide maximum support and accurate healing.

We encourage you to follow your surgeons instructions however, do your research and learn about the benefits of our all-over support for your breasts.

~ Your KS Bra Fit Expert & Personal Stylist