Breast Augmentation Post Op Recovery Part 2

Breast augmentation postoperative recovery comes with its own, special set of challenges that should not be ignored. There are proper steps to take to ensure you the speediest recovery you can hope for, to experience as minimal scarring as feasible, and to make pain and discomfort as bearable—and as safe—as possible.

Of course, remembering that when undergoing breast augmentation (or any other breast related) surgery, you will want to choose only and accredited plastic surgeon to ensure the most skilled work will be done. Such doctors seek to make the very smallest and discreet incisions so as to make them difficult to detect without close inspection. Where your particular incision is located will depend on the procedure you choose for the implant type.

A few things to expect:

  • The site of incision(s) will typically remain pinkish and firm to the touch for about 6 weeks after your surgery.
  • Discomfort in first 24-48 hrs after surgery is to be expected and can be relieved to some extent with medication and rest.
  • Bodily fatigue due to the stress of surgery.

You should also consider getting the help of a friend, spouse, etc, to help out with general daily tasks; doing so can really help make your recovery easier during these first few days and weeks.

Ordinarily, you’ll have your surgical dressings removed after a few days and be given a special, postoperative recovery bra, which will help support your breasts and smooth the progress of your recovery. Self-dissolving sutures are often used in breast implant surgery, but if traditional stitches are used then you will be called back to remove them after 7 to 10 days.

Your surgeon’s team will give you instructions as to how to keep the incisions clean, avoid the use of lotions and deodorants on the sensitive skin, and avoid immersing your breasts and the incision site in water, such as in swimming pools or baths, until your incisions have healed.