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Our Story

Karlee Smith Limited is a high-end luxury brand that produces the Most-Loved post op bras & recovery loungewear for women who want to look sexy and feel great after surgery. Our bras & loungewear are uniquely designed for both recovery and daily wear so women can transition from surgery back to a sexy & glamorous lifestyle. We have developed the ability to customize apparel for retailers, surgeon offices, or hospitals to make the recovery experience more personal for their clients. Our bras & apparel are stylish, elegant, and affordable, making them a great value compared to other brands. Since our founding in 2011, we have become the leading provider of fashionable medical-grade bras for surgery centers, plastic surgeons, cosmetic practices, spas, and hospitals across the USA. Our innovative products have made us a fashion sensation and the go-to choice for anyone seeking a better surgical cosmetic experience.

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Discover our philosophy, history of the brand & sneak peaks behind the scenes at Karlee Smith.

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Our Mission

Our journey began with the creation of bras, and over time, we have become one of the top brands in the USA for high fashion medical bras & recovery wear. Our mission at Karlee Smith Ltd is to fully understand our customers intimately and their lifestyles. Our stylish medical bra collection is designed to provide the perfect level of compression and support for patients who have undergone breast procedures such as augmentation, reduction, lift, mastectomy, and lumpectomy, as well as liposuction of the underarm/back.

Our Brand

At our company, we prioritize the concept of possibility and aim to develop a brand image that surpasses industry standards by providing exceptional value and personalized service to medical professionals and women in the cosmetic and aesthetic market. Our ultimate goal is to create bras and loungewear apparel that are loved by women all over the world, which offer top-notch quality, style, and innovation for everyday wear. We specialize in designing bras that help women recover, support, and enhance their appearance.


We’re continuously pushing ourselves to review, research, and reevaluate different ways to leverage sustainability across our business. Our products are each developed with years of designing, sourcing, and producing only the highest-quality materials with like-minded production partners. We’ve taken action to use more sustainable fibers where we can without compromising the medical compression standards required for proper healing. To us, this meaning taking responsible & ethical action to adopt environmentally-conscious processes that are not only better for you, but better for the planet too.

Giving Back

With that in mind, our philosophy is what’s closest to your body is closest to your heart, so our company chooses to make our garments of “little luxury” a grand importance by partnering with breast cancer organizations such as Bra Day USA, Breast Cancer Awareness, and other charitable foundations that give back to women in need. We take pride in giving back & helping women so every October we donate 100% of our proceeds to Breast Cancer Research Foundation to encourage & support finding a cure. Stay Positively Pink!