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Sports Bra - Pink & Gray
Sports Bra - Pink & Gray
Sports Bra - Pink & Gray
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Sports Bra - Black
Sports Bra - Black
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Sports Bra - Multicolor Hex
Sports Bra - Multicolor Hex
Sports Bra - Multicolor Hex
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Sports Bra - Multicolor Stripe
Sports Bra - Multicolor Stripe
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Sports Bra - Pink Zig Zag
Sports Bra - Pink Zig Zag
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Sports Bra - Diamond
Sports Bra - Diamond
Introducing Karlee Smith's Post-Surgery Sports Bras:
The Ultimate Comfort and Support for Your Recovery Journey.

At Karlee Smith, we understand the importance of comfort and support during your recovery from surgery. That is why we have designed a range of post-surgery sports bras that not only provide comfort but also improve your daily routine without compromising your flair. 

Karlee Smith's post-surgery sports bras are the ultimate blend of comfort and style to ensure optimal support and a flawless fit. The front closure and soft backing allow effortless application and removal, even when the surgical site is still sore. In addition to that, you can select from a range of extra-wide adjustable strap options to get the perfect fit. The cherry on top is the seamless design that allows you to strike the ideal balance between support and style.

Specifically crafted by using a unique blend of far-infrared yarn and innovative textile technology, our bras are FDA-approved and are intended to be worn following breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction procedures. The distinctive fabric promotes healing, relieves discomfort, and increases blood circulation. Get the support and comfort you deserve with Karlee Smith's Post-Surgery Sports Bras as you recuperate. Shop today and take the first step in your healing process. 

Sports Bra After Breast Implants

Post-surgery support, care and comfort comes first when someone undergoes breast augmentation. A suitable sports bra will make the healing process easier and generally better. Here is why Karlee Smith bras are particularly useful for people who have undergone breast implant surgeries.
Post-surgery Care

Karlee Smith’s medical-grade sports bras provide essential post-surgical support and comfort. These are special bras designed for post-surgical care, which facilitate fast recovery and maximum support of the breasts.

Support and Comfort

Karlee Smith’s sports bras increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, regulate temperature within the body and minimize scarring. This will also minimize chances of infection thereby promoting healthy healing.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used Karlee Smith bras after breast implant surgeries have reported positive experiences. The support and comfort offered by these bras is highly appreciated by its users such that it makes the recovery process quite easy.

Front Zip Sports Bra Post-Surgery

The Karlee Smith front zip sports bra is the ideal post-surgery partner for your active lifestyle! Perfect for all your daily life adventures and special occasions, this cutting-edge sports bra is made to give you the comfort and support you need while you heal.

The structure of a post-surgery front-zip sports bra consists of a racerback style with a convenient front zip for a practical solution to enclothe oneself, especially after surgery when mobility may be restricted. For this reason, we've put together a selection of sports bras that look amazing in addition to providing essential support. No matter what kind of sport, exercise, or workout you choose, our stylish yet practical post-surgery sports bras are made to give you all the control and comfort you require.

Another surgery where a post-surgery front-zip sports bra plays an important role is Thoracic Surgery in which surgical procedure is performed on organs and structures within the thoracic cavity, such as the heart, major blood vessels, lungs, and esophagus. A patient who has been through a thoracic surgery is generally advised to wear a compression or sports bra. This type of bra can help reduce tension on the sternal incision and skin contact on chestincisions, which can aid in the healing process.

The Karlee Smith front-zip sports bra is a great option for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable bra after surgery, regardless of whether they are an avid fitness enthusiast or not. Embrace the ideal balance of fashion and support with our cutting-edge sports bra for post-surgery.

Surgical Sports Bras

Sports bras are an absolute necessity for women who enjoy or are into physical activities. They protect sensitive breast tissue from discomfort and long-term harm by providing support, compression, and moisture control. A trusted brand in the sportswear market, Karlee Smith, provides a wide selection of sports bras to meet each woman's specific needs. 

Stylish Sports Bras

Karlee Smith's sports bras are available in various styles including compression and combination bras. One's choice of style primarily relies on personal comfort,
daily physical activities, and the individual's breast size and shape. Our sports bras are crafted with high-quality materials that prioritize durability, flexibility, and breathability. Additionally, specialized post-surgery sports bras are a testament to the adaptability of these undergarments. These bras provide essential support for women on their journey to recovery after breast surgery, promoting healing and comfort.

Details of Sports Bras

As we delve into the details of sports bras and their post-surgery counterparts, it becomes evident that these garments are not only functional but also pivotal in
promoting women's health and well-being in the world of sports and beyond. Donning a sports bra can boost confidence, reduce discomfort, and help prevent
long-term health issues like back pain and breast sagging. 

Experience Sexy

What we mean is that investing in a quality sports bra is an investment in your health, well-being, and confidence. Whether you are
looking for a sports bra that prioritizes compression, encapsulation, or a combination of both, or a post-surgery sports bra for recovery, Karlee Smith has you covered. So don't wait any longer, get your hands on our sports bras
today and experience the difference!

Benefits of Wearing a Post-Surgery Sports Bra

Wearing a post-surgery sports bra offers several benefits that aid in the recovery process after breast surgery, including breast augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction:

You can protect your breasts from accidental bumps by wearing the right post-surgery sports bras. Apart from that, these bras also prevent your implants from moving
out of place and help minimize swelling. 


As funny as it may sound, the truth is that the right bra is one of the biggest supports, both literally and metaphorically, in a woman’s life. That becomes more evident with specifically made post-surgery sports bras that offer necessary support during the healing process, ensuring that your breasts are well-supported as they recover.


Instead of giving an unusual lift to your chest that can lead to strain and discomfort, right compression bras help reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, lower the risk of scarring, and speed up the healing process.


Poorly structured bras with low-quality fabrics can lead to infections. Therefore, Karlee Smith post-surgery sports bras are made with KSMX anti-microbial wicking soft material that lessens irritations and promotes a hygienic environment for recovery by stabilizing the chest and preventing infections.


The post-surgery sports bras are designed with soft materials to ensure comfort during the healing phase after surgery.

Lymphedema Prevention

A condition called lymphedema can occur in the absence of a supportive post-surgery sports bra after breast surgery. So, it’s important to wear that support on your chest to avoid potential issues.

Post-Surgical Assistance

Post-surgery sports bras are designed to provide maximum comfort and support to individuals
who have undergone surgery. These bras are specially designed to keep drainage tubes and other post-surgery accessories securely in place, thereby minimizing discomfort and reducing the risk of complications.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Post-surgery bras are beneficial not only for mastectomies but also for cosmetic breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction. Post-surgery bras are beneficial not only for mastectomies but also for cosmetic breast surgeries to aid in recovery and optimal results.


Selecting the right compression bra size and style is essential for a successful recovery. Hence, consulting with a medical
professional or certified fitter is recommended for personalized guidance. Doing that not only contributes to better healing outcomes but also overall

Front Close Sports Bra After Surgery

With the front-close sports bra that brings maximum support and comfort, Karlee Smith offers a remarkable option for women seeking comfort following surgery and undergoing recuperation. Moreover, the company assures customer satisfaction by delivering both practicality and flair in a single clothing item by utilizing only the best materials.

Say goodbye to traditional bras and embrace the comfort of Karlee Smith's front-close sports bras that combine functionality with a touch of elegance, ensuring you look and feel your best every day. Elevate your post-surgery experience with Karlee Smith's innovative approach to comfort and style.

Karlee Smith boasts a community of happy and satisfied customers who experienced great relief and convenience after using the label’s front-close sports bras after their surgeries. These post-operative bras feature innovative designs that enable easy dressing, eliminating any discomfort or strain.

We have also discovered that women with arthritis can highly benefit from these bras. Arthritis causes swelling, redness, and joint pain (usually in the hands, shoulders, and knees), which hinders mobility and physical activity. So, the secure front closure of these post-op sports bras makes it effortless to put on and take off, ideal for those with limited mobility.

Difference between Compression Bras and Sports Bras

Though both aim at delivering adequate support and a relaxed fit to the wearer, a compression bra and sports bra have their own characteristics. A compression bra is medical grade apparel particularly designed to be worn after breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, and thoracic surgery. On the other hand, sports bras are perfect for exercising and help enhance performance.

With their seamless construction and soft materials, compression bras are tailored to be more comfortable and less intrusive throughout the healing process while yet offering the support and stability required for the best possible healing after breast surgery. These bras are essential for preserving lymphatic flow throughout the surgical procedure and lowering the risk of problems such as hematomas and seromas (blood clotting).

Although both types of bras are built to support the breasts and minimize movement, the amount of pressure they apply can vary depending on the desired outcome. This indicated that one type of bra is meant for low-impact activities, while the other is intended to promote an active lifestyle.

In short, compression bras are essential for women in postoperative recovery because they help them to recover faster after undergoing breast surgery by providing support and comfort. Conversely, sports bras are specifically designed for High impact activities such as sports that can reduce the movement of breasts thereby improving performance. Both types of bras have health advantages as they can reduce swelling caused by a compression bra or prevent injury due to a sports bra.

Mastectomy Sports Bras with Pockets

A surgical procedure known as mastectomy involves the removal of one or both breasts of cancer patients. Mastectomy is a physically and emotionally exhausting procedure, which in addition to the loss of their breasts, sometimes leaves the patients with a lower self-esteem. To help as many as those who have undergone mastectomy surgery, we have constructed mastectomy bras with pockets including additional features as follows: 
Comfort and Support

The snug fit of our bras reduces discomfort and irritation on the surgery site. These bras are made using soft fabric which keeps the breasts in place without being
harsh on the stitches.  

Aid in Pain Management

It takes a significant time to recover from breast surgery and further proceed with a normal life. The mastectomy bras help alleviate pain associated with mastectomy surgery, making it easier for women to engage in physical activities.

Reduce Swelling

Karlee Smith bras aid in reducing swelling (a common occurrence after breast removal), promoting a faster recovery process.

Assist in Recovery

The bras are designed to support a woman’s body during the recovery period after a mastectomy, helping her regain strength and confidence. The mastectomy procedure often results in an imbalance caused by the removed breast (which has
weight a woman is used to carrying). A mastectomy bra with built-in discrete pockets can effortlessly hold the prosthesis to help restore shape and