The Most Loved Surgical Compression Bra Provided By Hundreds Of Hospitals & Thousands of Surgery Centers. Karlee Smith Medical Bras Have Been Supporting Women For 10 Yrs.

Improve the post-surgical breast augmentation experience with the most loved bra for recovery. The post-surgical bras from Karlee Smith are highly recommended by medical professionals and offer a sexy alternative to other post-op bras. Approved by Top Surgeons.

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Get Post-Op Ready, with Stylish Bras for after Breast Surgery!

Improve your post-surgical breast augmentation experience with the most loved bra for recovery. The post-surgical bras from Karlee Smith are highly recommended by medical professionals and offer a sexy alternative to other post-op bras.

#1 Post Surgical Bra of choice by surgeons & medical professionals in the USA

“I recommend Karlee Smith bras as second stage bras for support, comfort and style for all of my patients after breast augmentation, breast implant redo and breast lift/reduction. My patients love the look and feel and often confidence use for athletics and leisure. We could not be happier with the service our patients receive from Karlee Smith.”

– Christine Petti, M.D. Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cherup Radiance Plastic Surgery

“As a surgeon, I understand the importance and medical benefits of a well-fitting, supportive bra for my patients post surgery. As a female, I fell in love with Karlee Smith Compression Bras because they give women instant beauty; boosts their confidence after such an intimate surgical experience. We only use PINK LOVE Karlee Smith Compression Bras now because our patients ask for them by name.”

– Dr. Lori Cherup, Bridgeville, PA

Dr Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery

“The technology and benefits in Karlee Smith Compression Bras are unparallel. After meeting Karlee, I asked her to contribute to my next book, which will be a how to guide for surgeons to learn the best plastic surgery tools and techniques.”

– Dr. Hurwitz, Beverly Hills, CA & Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Goldman Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

“We use Karlee Smith Compression Bras for our reconstruction patients. The tailored design conforms to fit each patient’s body and it is so simple to take one measurement, regardless of breast size, and get the perfect fit. The Karlee Smith Compression Bra provides our patients the support that is required for optimal recovery.”

– Dr. Goldman, Beachwood & Westlake, OH

Dr. Kimberly Henry Plastic Surgery

“Karlee Smith bras have a trendy, modern look–they look nothing like the old-fashioned surgical garments! This is one of the many reasons our patients and I, personally, LOVE the Body Love post-op bras! The Karlee Smith bras are perfect for all breast operations and even their customer care team is very attentive. They do a great job at making the recovery experience personalized for all our patients; making them feel even that much more special after breast surgery.

– Dr. Henry, Greenbrae, CA

HCA Hospitals & Surgery Centers
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Raj Plastic Surgery

““We use Karlee Smith post-surgical bras on our patients. They love the comfortable fit and assorted color options. Our patients often purchase several to wear as sports bras long after recovery because they covet the support.”

– Dr. Joyesh Raj, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Cleveland Clinic Hospital Westlake, OH

Dr Ellen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

“Karlee Smith Compression Bras help our patients recover feeling well supported and at ease. The modern technology allots for an expedited recovery. With an office staff of only women, we value the approach Karlee Smith’s team took in designing the fashionable and functional undergarment.”

– Dr. Ellen, Birmingham, MI

Shop the world’s most loved front zip post surgery bras

With a post-surgery bra from Karlee Smith, patients will love their journey to recovery. Our supportive compression bras help patients heal faster, recover stronger, and enjoy a sexy recovery.
By providing immense support from start to finish, you can feel secure and excited throughout the recovery process.

Medical Bra Features

As the next generation of medical grade compression bras, Karlee Smith post-surgical bras were designed to help improve the post op recovery process. Along with making the post op process comfortable, we aim to make the patient experience SEXY post breast surgery. Our fashionable, medical grade compression bras are ideal for speeding up the healing process and reducing discomfort by stabilizing the breast implants, increasing blood circulation, and preventing swelling. See how choosing the right medical bra after breast augmentation surgery can make for a sexy recovery.

In compliance with the FDA, all our garments are latex-free. The breathable materials meet above average medical requirements for post operative recovery and achieve maximum durability to retain its shape and last longer than average bras.

Formulated to absorb moisture reducing bacteria for a fresh and clean recovery.

Designed with reinforced target zones for maximum shape retention and mold-ability of the breasts, the all over stretch fibers expand and contract accordingly, thereby providing optimal comfort and support.

Formulated to react to your body temperature, keeping you cool and dry assuring 24 hour comfort.

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Bra Strap Options to Fit Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

We offer two unique strap options that improve the post-surgical breast experience. Choose from a super slim snap to closure or a low-profile hook and loop. Each type of surgical bra is easy to use, comfortable, and, of course, fashion forward. Wearing Karlee Smith bras ensures a sexy, successful recovery for every patient.

  • Our strap options make it easy to get bras on and off.
  • No need to lift your arms overhead or behind your back.
  • Under clothing, the most invisible strap fasteners on the bra market.
Karlee Smith Breast Augmentation Bra hook straps

Snap Closure

Super slim, ultra light, metal free, butterfly hook grip an invisible hold offering two rows of strap adjustment.

Karlee Smith post surgery bra breakaway strap

Low Profile Hook & Loop

Concealed ultra-thin molded hook mated with luxmed knitted loop which nearly eliminates gaps altogether.

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