Maui Pink


What is the Perfect Pink for "all seasons"?

What Maui PINK taught me!

Sometimes what you “see” produces an unexpected vision. It is like when you see a picture of the body you want to look like, you hire a trainer and still eat ice cream everyday!

Upon returning from Hawaii, experiencing a healthy balance inspired clarity in understanding the differences in why doctors and patients see a difference in our post surgical bras.

For us, designing bras is more than making a fashionable, pretty, and good-looking bra. Like a surgeon, our creative efforts are a masterpiece. We put all our efforts into improving more than just the basics. We practice until the design is perfect, like a champion. Maui Pink thought me to see things differently, similar to how champions live beyond those around them. They lead to influence those they are surrounded by and work hard to assume a responsibility that makes a greater difference in others!

That’s how I think of our Body Love Bra, it’s the only post op bra that changes not only your perception of your look post op but influences you to experience the love you have for yourself, your new breasts, your recovery, and your healthy new body! When you put our Body Love Bra on you feel unstoppable! You believe your new look can change your life and you’ll love that!

Just remember, what you “see” too much of the time can be cloudy without a splash of color.