Breast Augmentation History

The advent of women desiring larger breasts perhaps dates back since the beginning of time. However, the very first surgical efforts to enlarge a woman’s bust only dates back about 50 years.

Have you ever wondered when the first breast augmentation surgery was? Have you ever, perhaps while you contemplate having your own breast implant surgery, thought about how far back the notion that breast size could be altered either prosthetic-ally or surgically? Most likely, a desire for increased bust size dates back to the time when a woman’s physical appeal involved a larger bust versus ladies with smaller ones. But you might be interested to learn a bit about times in history when noticeable, concerted attention and efforts began to be made to either alter a woman’s bust shape and/or her breast size.

In truth, we’re already 52 years past the advent of the first silicone breast implant! Nevertheless, we feel it’s worth mentioning a few other highlights that lead up to “that fateful day” in breast enlargement history.

  • As far back as 1895, such breast surgery was taking place. For example, Dr. Vincenz Czerny reconstructed a woman’s breast by removing a large lipoma from her flank and transplanting it at the mastectomy site.
  • In 1961, Houston plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow the Dow Corning Corporation to develop the first silicone breast. This first silicone implant is made of a thick gel contained in a thick packet of elastomer, a polymer.
  • By 1962, a thirty-six year old mother of six, Timmie Jean Lindsey is the first woman to be implanted with the silicone breast implants at Texas Charity Hospital.

Three years after Ms. Lindsey’s operation, the world’s very first inflatable implant was invented and thus creating the first “bouncy” breast implant. Of course, there are many more intriguing landmarks along the way to where technology has brought us today, and in your own, personal quest for “the perfect boobs,” you might want to include these in your research!