Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is not for all women and, perhaps surprisingly to many, not all women are good candidates. The point is not all women will even want, or will be able to undergo breast reconstruction surgery.

And, of course, most importantly of all, any woman having to reach this point in her life, should remember the decision is as personal as she is unique, and such a decision should only be made under direction of her surgeon, perhaps with input from other women who’ve had to make the same choice, whose opinions should be regarded as experienced feedback. It’s best to talk to women to whom she can easily relate. Ultimately, of course, the decision is entirely a personal one. There is no wrong decision.

But touching upon the various reasons she might choose not to have reconstruction might include, for example:

  • Health considerations. For example, if her cancer is advanced, her surgeon might not recommend reconstruction.
  • If she is very thin, she might not be a candidate for some certain procedures. Some athletic women prefer not having what could be a distracting prosthesis, if chosen to regain symmetry. Others just want to “get the cancer out” and return to their daily routines.
  • Some cannot afford, time-wise or routine wise, the considerable time required for recovery; prosthesis is faster and easier for them.

As these are serious and delicate issues, we’ll be revisiting these from time to time in nearby, subsequent posts.