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Breast Size Preference

Breast size preference, not surprisingly, varies greatly between men and women and—of course—for different reasons…but maybe not as you might expect. Stereotypes state that “most men” prefer women with bigger boobs…and perhaps women, for that matter, too, wish their breast size were bigger, if theirs is not considered large.

Fortunately, stereotypes and generalizations don’t necessarily reflect on what really maters, and that is what are important to you and the one you want to please…even if that’s you! And, if you’re looking to please a certain group, cross section of the circles in which you run, or even hoping to adjust your breast size to help your position in life, well…you should stand firm in your decision on what size is best for you.

But it’s interesting to note that a mere preference doesn’t necessarily mean that will be best for you, after all. You might be surprised that your own “presentation” overall could end up somewhat different than you might have envisioned for yourself. Consulting with a plastic surgeon and his or her medical staff or team can shed light on not only what would work best for your body frame and ribcage size, but also what’s actually doable in your particular situation; not all women can simply go out and have breast augmentation, choosing the size they want.

So…taking the breast size preference you have in mind and, factoring in (if it’s important) the desires of…whomever…go consult with a surgeon, preferably a board certified plastic surgeon, to find out if you will ultimately find your preference becomes what works best for you.