Large Breastest Woman



Did you know breast size reduction is almost as popular as breast augmentation these days? It’s true. Breast reduction surgeries, although not matching the sheer numbers as breast enlargement annually, are occurring at a faster pace than the traditional “boob job” and now doctors say an astounding number or young women—many as young as 16 to 18 in numerous cases—are opting for breast reduction surgery.

Not surprisingly, the main reasons listed for the desires of these young women to have their breast size reduced are pain in their necks, backs, shoulders and skin where bra straps dig in, but some are beginning to list other reasons that might surprise you. Furthermore, all sorts of medical problems and insurance roadblocks make it very complicated for these young women, many of whom developed breasts that older adult women pay millions for. And then there are the psychological problems not considered by insurance companies that still consider breast reduction purely cosmetic. See article for more

One such young woman, for example, at age 18 sought the surgery after years of severe physical pain, humiliation, and hindrances to certain social and academic or sporting activities she wasn’t comfortable participating in. This young lady was 5’ 1” with 34DD cup breasts, the combined weight being 4 pounds. She simply grew tired of the pain and inconvenience of her large bust. As you might have guessed, her smaller-breasted friends and other peers didn’t understand why she wanted smaller breasts.

More on this disquieting trend soon…