Competing With Large Breasts

Although we often spend much of our time addressing the topic of breast augmentation in our posts, we do recognize it’s equally important to cover the subject of breasts that are considered, by their “owners”, to be too large, cumbersome, and even significantly problematic in those women’s lives that live with what might seem to women


Here’s an interesting example of where larger breasts can be a hindrance, even if a woman’s bust size might not be considered larger than a more “conventional” size, such as C or D cup. We’re talking about the world of women’s sports. From a UFC fighter getting sucker punched or kicked to spare herself the embarrassment of one of her breasts being exposed, to water polo players having to take special care to avoid often-publicized “nipple slips” to distance runners battling to keep themselves feeling (and being perceived as) modest for spectators both live and broadcast, containing nature’s or even a surgeon’s gifts while remaining viably competitive and able to compete can be quite a challenge.

And we’re not talking about such individuals needing some sort of breast surgery such as reconstruction or breast size reduction—just the very real need for realistic AND adequate support.

It’s in these instances sufficient support and functionality is key to such athlete’s, whether pro or amateur, ability to carry on in their respective realms of activity. Because it’s not only about containment for the purposes of not feeling restrained for freedom of movement, but also from having their thoughts distracted with concerns of modesty and being free from embarrassment can bear equal importance.