Everything You Must Know Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation: Lessons Learned from Real Experiences

Ok ladies, don’t get me wrong, breast augmentation is a wonderful thing and it has the power to transform the self-esteem and lives’ of those that undergo the procedure. It has certainly transformed my life for the better and provides numerous benefits when done for the right reasons. As with all of life’s big choices, there are things I wish I had known before my surgery to make the process easier and understandable. To help ensure that your breast augmentation goes as smoothly as possible, here are 5 things to be aware of before your surgery:

1. Breast Augmentation is a Surgery and Involves Anesthesia: This point is not meant to cause alarm but to give you the proper perspective on what is involved in breast augmentation surgery. The procedure is without a doubt a legitimate surgery and involves being put under local or general anesthesia.

2. Recovery is Painful: The old adage, “no pain; no gain” certainly applies here. Again, my goal is not to scare you but to educate you. As the breasts are a very sensitive area, recovery often involves some pain that is managed by your surgeon through the appropriate use of medication.

3. You May Have to Replace Your Implants, but it is Unlikely: There is a common misconception that implants will only last 10 years. This is not true. If you have no problem with your implant then nothing needs to be done with them. The only reason you would change an implant is if there is a problem with them. The most common long term problem is implant rupture. The risk of a rupture is 1% a year. So the risk of having a broken implant at the end of 10 years is 10%. That means that 90 % of implants will be fine at 10 years.

4. Be Prepared for More Attention: While more attention has its advantages, be prepared for new interest from both men and women. Men will certainly take notice and women will want to know about the procedure. Just be prepared…especially in the first few months after recovery!

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Call Your Doctor: I saved this one for last because so many women seem scared to follow up with their doctor after surgery if they have a question or concern. Trust me, you are not imposing or annoying your surgeon! You paid him or her a good amount of money and they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. So ask away!

These five short lessons I learned are not mean to be a comprehensive guide to your breast augmentation experience but rather equip you with some pointers that I wish I had known before my procedure. New boobs are a gift to yourself and knowing what to expect before your surgery will only help make the process that much more enjoyable. Good luck!