The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Breast Augmentation: 5 Things to Avoid Before Your Surgery

Breast implants are one of the most commonly performed surgeries and rarely cause serious complications. Still, what you do in the days leading up to your surgery can improve your chances for a successful recovery.

For starters, avoid sick people because after surgery your immune system will be preoccupied and you don’t want to overload it. Also, the night before your surgery you will be instructed to drink only clear liquids, and cease consumption of all foods and beverages after midnight. Long before the nerves really start to build up, weeks before your breast surgery is scheduled, there are a few other things you will want to avoid.

  1. Smoking:

Doctors advise anyone who regularly smokes to stop completely or at least severely reduce your nicotine intake around 3 months before your surgery is scheduled. Since smoking impacts blood vessels and reduces blood circulation, you are more likely to experience complications during and after surgery. For less risk of bacterial infection and capsular contraction, it’s recommended that you do not start smoking again until 2-3 weeks after your surgery.

  1. Blood Thinners:

Blood thinners increase your risk for excessive bleeding during your breast augmentation procedure. For up 2 weeks before surgery you want to avoid all medications that cause your blood to thin. Aspirin is one the worst blood thinners, although ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, and many other medications thin your blood as well. Check all of the medications you are taking with your doctor to be sure they are safe to take before your surgery.

  1. Alcohol:

For many, going out with your girlfriends the night before your surgery is non-negotiable. But you should be ordering a “mocktail.” Just keep in mind you want to stop drinking alcohol about 1-2 weeks prior to your surgery. Sure a couple cocktails 2 weeks before your operation might be just fine, but you want to consume little to no alcohol thereafter. This ensures you arrive healthy, hydrated and not hung-over for a safe and successful breast augmentation.

Your surgeon will of course discuss these items in more detail but we hope this list provides you a better understanding of what to avoid before your surgery. Remembering these simple pointers will go a long way to ensuring your procedure goes as smoothly and safely as possible. We wish you all the best in your upcoming breast surgery!