which Karlee Smith Bra is right for me


Karlee Smith has created several different post-surgery compression bras to fit your needs. Each bra offers patients the support they need during the recovery process. At Karlee Smith, we’re focused on helping our customers find the right bra that fits their lifestyle. To help you find the best post-op bra for your needs, read on.

Which Karlee Smith Bra is Best for After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

During the recovery process after a breast reduction or reconstruction surgery, it’s important to shop for a post-op bra that provides maximum support. The Karlee Smith Front Zip Post Surgery Bras will provide you with maximum support, while being comfortable at the same time. What sets Karlee Smith post-surgical bras apart from others is our exclusive KSMX antimicrobial finish, which reduces bacteria and odor, while working to fight off infection to speed up the healing process. To make it easy to get on and off, the Karlee Smith post-surgical bra features a front zip closure.

Karlee Smith Bras For After Breast Augmentation

Patients who have undergone a recent breast augmentation will want to choose a post-operative bra with moderate support. We recommend the Karlee Smith Post Breast Augmentation Bras for those who have undergone a recent breast augmentation or breast lift. Our Surgical Support Bras feature a wireless, comfortable design, while providing just enough support so you can enjoy a speedy recovery. Like the Post Op Comfort Front Zip Post Surgery Bra, the Surgical Support Bra features an antimicrobial finish to ward off infections.

Finding the Right Karlee Smith Bra for your Lifestyle

If you’ve just undergone breast reconstruction surgery or a breast augmentation, and are through the recovery process, you’ll want to find the best bra that meets your unique needs for lounging, yoga, or Pilates. Find the right bra as you ease back into your workout routine is important. Fortunately, the Karlee Smith Surgical Support Bra is not only great for the recovery process, but they are also stylish and supportive enough to wear every day and especially great for athleisure looks. Invisible under clothes, the Karlee Smith Post-Operative Bra with moderate support makes women look and feel good.

The Benefit of a Racerback Design

Karlee Smith bras have a racerback design which is specifically engineered for posture, offering support from the upper to lower parts of the back to reduce stress from the weight of your breasts.

Finding the Best Fitting Post Op Bra

Feeling confident and secure in your post-op bra depends on your support, band, and straps. Along with offer maximum and moderate support bras, which are supportive for women with or without breast surgery, the band of the bra should feel firm against your body. Test the straps by pulling them up from your shoulders. If you can pull your strap up to your ears, you might need to go down a band size.

Shop Karlee Smith Post-Surgical Bras Online

With a fashion-forward design, antimicrobial medical grade material, and unique design, it’s easy to see why Karlee Smith post-surgical bras are so loved. To find the right post-surgical bra for your needs, shop surgical procedure bras online.