The Key to a Successful Recovery: Unveiling the Importance of the Perfect Post-Surgery Bra

According to our Bra Fit Expert & Personal Stylist, many women who have not even had a breast surgery are wearing the wrong bra size. There are a few things to consider when buying a bra either before or after breast surgery. Most important is the FIT! Our Bra Fit Expert & Personal Stylist will educate you on all the sexy ways to wear your perfect bra size, the perfect bra for your shape, & perfect bra style to fit your lifestyle.

You will learn how to put your bras on, how to measure yourself to find the perfect fit, what to consider when bra shopping with us!

If you can, get our Post Surgery Bra, before you have your surgery, so that you have something comfortable to wear straight after your operation. some are a light microfibre (which takes moisture away from the skin), so unless you are allergic to this fabric, this is an excellent alternative to cotton. Some bras use silver thread in the fabric which aids healing, and are a lovely light soft fabric, so you won’t notice it has silver in it!

Buying a Karlee Smith Front Zip Post Surgery Compression Bra before your surgery

  1. Most importantly, you must have a soft cup bra. Our Post Op Bra Collection is all soft cups!
  2. The bra must be wireless, meaning wire free ladies! No underwire! Our Karlee Smith post surgery bras are wire-free and have a 2-inch band that supports your breast weight giving you the lift you are looking for to look & feel sexy and supported post op!
  3. Bra’s with no padding & ultimate compression are best for reducing swelling and minimizing the pain post-op! Our Front Zip Post Surgery Bra has targeted compression technology to contour to your post-op breast shape!
  4. Is it comfortable? Does it have any seams that may irritate a scar? We spend dedicated hours to finding the Most Loved bra silhouette to support all your recovery needs after breast surgery!
  5. Do you know where your scarring is likely to be? To accommodate women who might have scars under the bust we specifically engineered our Karlee Smith post surgery bra designs to avoid having a seam on this part of your breast area.
  6. Is the top edge of the bra elasticated enough to put a ‘softie’ in (very soft shape to give you some breast shape if you’ve had a total removal of your breast), or do you need a pocketed bra so that the ‘softie’ doesn’t fall out? Our Karlee Smith post surgery bra offers the perfect amount of elasticity to form to adding the prosthetic breast of your choice.
  7. Will I be able to put it on, on my own after surgery or do I have to get someone that can help me put my bra on? Our Karlee Smith post surgery bra is front fastening and offers fully adjustable straps that completely open & adjust so that it is suitable to dress yourself if you’re unable to move your arms much after surgery.
  8. Does the fabric irritate my skin? Our Most Loved post surgery bras are excellent in taking moisture away from the skin to help regulate your body temperature leaving you feeling “just right”, rather than cotton, which soaks the moisture up and sits on your skin.

It is advisable to wear our Post Surgery soft cup bra (without any wires or bones) immediately after surgery. Depending on any further treatment you have, it is advisable to stick with wearing your Body Love Post Surgery soft cup bra of choice for at least the first 6-8 months until all scar tissue has healed from all treatments.

Some women find that an under-wired bra is not comfortable to wear ever again! Others will prefer to get back to an underwire bra style as soon as they are able. Check out our post on buying a bra after breast surgery.

Our breast care advisors suggest after 8 weeks, use your Front Zip Post Surgery Compression bra everyday – even if it is now part of your workout collection – and wear a bra that feels SEXY, the most comfortable for you, your BODY, & your glamorous lifestyle!