Compression Bras


5 Reasons Why Compression Bras are a Game-Changer for Active Women

In some previous posts, we’ve talked about the importance of compression bras and postoperative care for your breasts after undergoing breast augmentation, breast reduction, reconstructive surgery, or a mastectomy; the various points of interest in proper healing from such procedures being of great importance. In this post, we’d like to touch briefly upon the role your postoperative bra(s) will play in aiding in that healing to ensure your optimum results.

It used to be a woman having had breast enlargement surgery would buy the most comfortable, ordinary bra she could find so as to make her recovery as pleasant as possible, trying to minimize her pain during the healing process. It seems the bra market was out of touch with the increasing popularity of breast implants among the general public and not just celebrities and exotic dancers!

Truly supportive bras that would protect delicate sutured areas just didn’t exist, for the most part. Interestingly enough, it took the sports world to—almost by accident—to come up with bras that provided greatly needed support and protection with the introduction of sports bras. Sports bras eventually gave way to compression bras.

The term compression bra can be confusing, and they are not the same thing as sports bras; so the two terms shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Compression bras are more specifically directed toward support necessary to protect delicate, sutured areas existing due to some surgical, breast-related procedure. Fortunately, specialty manufacturers of postoperative compression bras have risen to meet the needs of breast surgery patients.