Gummy Bear Implant


Not to make a ridiculous overstatement of the certainly obvious, but “Gummy Bear” breast implants are not made of the same or even similar stuff as the sweet, if not somewhat addictive—and cute—little guys pictured here. But there is a (loose) reason for the moniker, and just about as much as a frenzy over these amazing breast implants that more and more women are flocking toward for their first, or even second and third, breast augmentation procedure.

According to the manufacturer of these, the hottest item on the breast augmentation market, the simple reason these implants have been likened to the famous candy is because, when cut into, they retain their form and don’t fall or melt apart like other implants. Dr. Grant Stevens, a well-known plastic surgeon in Marina Del Rey, Calif., came up with the term “gummy bear breast implant.”

But that’s where the comparisons end. The makers of these implants, Sientra, are disinclined to use the popular nickname, as breast implants are serious business and perpetuating the nickname trivializes these high-tech, revolutionary tools, which are part of one of the world’s largest, most lucrative, and fastest rising industries.

One particular patient of Stevens said she received her Sientra implants through a clinical trial in 2006, and hadn’t had any problems since. She further stated her partner didn’t know that she had breast augmentation surgery until she told him because she said her breasts looked and felt so natural.

Gummy bear implants…er…Sientra breast implants…are just one more option available to women wanting breast augmentation.