Post Op Diet


The Ultimate Guide to Fuel Your Recovery: A Nutrient-Packed Breast Augmentation Post-Op Diet

Looking at the list of things to consider in preparing to undergo—and recover from—breast augmentation surgery can be a bit overwhelming because you want to get it right, avoid pain as much as possible, ensure you heal well, and avoid complications at all costs. And so, without adding to your anxiety over such matters, perhaps the first thing to attend to is your general, overall good health. Naturally, the better health you’re in will facilitate your body’s best recovery and acceptance of your breast implants.

Even though there’s not a special diet, per se, to follow specifically designed for breast enhancement postoperative care, there are some things you should know to just make it easier on you to get back to your normal—and bustier—self!

Even though this is neither a food, nor could it be considered part of one’s diet, in order to allow your body to properly heal, you should STOP SMOKING, if you do! Nicotine hinders blood flow to tissues that need the blood flow. Surgeons rely on this blood flow to do their work. Besides, everyone knows it’s bad for you, and you’ll feel—and look better quitting the habit. And this also means NO VAPORING! Vapor e-cigarettes contain nicotine, too, and so…

Keep in mind…

  • Stick with a balanced diet. Cut back on the junk food!
  • Stay hydrated.
  • No alcohol for 3 weeks, as it causes fluid retention; ESPECIALLY no alcohol with pain medications!
  • Avoid too much caffeine. Caffeine tends to cause constipation. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies will keep you regular, as will the water intake.
  • Increase your fiber intake with leafy, green veggies, fruits, and some nutritious cereals that are serious about providing these essentials.

Of course you’ll want to be able to return to normal activity ASAP, so consult with your surgeon certified by the ASPS!

Next, we’ll touch more upon acceptable postoperative activities and when you can resume these.