breast cancer survivors


Speaking to breast cancer survivors can be quite inspiring. Their bravery in coming through their frightening, highly stressful, and harrowing experience can lend you courage if you have been diagnosed as having breast cancer and are facing either a single or double mastectomy. Of course you know you’ll need the complete expertise of medical professionals, but having a great support group and the companionship of others either facing the same prospects as you—or even better—someone that has come through triumphant can lend tremendous relief and greatly needed aid in its own right.

Maybe there’s a history in your family and you’ve always known there’s been a distinct possibility you may develop breast cancer, and so you’ve most likely been exceedingly vigilant in regular self-inspection and keeping up with appropriately-scheduled mammograms so as to be on the watch. But if you’ve been taken by surprise, as though hit with a ton of bricks and are (understandably) bewildered, then you are facing the same, or at a least similar scenario: lumpectomy or mastectomy, depending on how advanced your case.

Generally speaking, if you have been determined to have what is called a “lifetime risk of breast cancer” of 15% or less, sticking with BSE (breast self-examination) will always be your best defense, along with regular mammograms. However, if your doctor, based on your history, is determined to fall within a 20-25% or higher, then an MRI is recommended to give the greatest safeguard.

Bottom line: Early, and on-going prevention is the best way to fight against breast cancer, and become a victor at all costs.