Is America’s fascination with breast augmentation bordering on obsession? In the past 15 years, the number of women that have undergone breast enlargement surgery has tripled. That’s right—TRIPLED. Reports from the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) state that approximately 300,000 women had breast enlargement last year alone. This figure is up 1% from the previous year. If you count all plastic surgeries relating to breasts, according to the ASPS annual report, 15.1 million surgeries were performed.

These procedures include augmentation, reconstruction, reshaping and reduction. Interestingly enough, as we have reported in a previous post, breast lifts outnumber breast enlargement procedures.

But does all of this equate to obsession? Well of course not. The majority of women seeking breast augmentation simply want to feel better about their femininity or sexuality; their basically tired of feeling somehow inadequate in their sexual or sensual appeal. What’s more, a broader range of clothing can be worn with a larger bust, as many women report. Keep in mind, not all women getting boob jobs make drastic increases in size!

But surely there are women/girls that are obsessed with having either really big boobs, or even bigger boobs than they’ve already got. But how big is too big? Perhaps that is up to the individual. But many women with excessively large breasts ultimately seek breast reduction surgery due to problems relating to pain in their backs, shoulders, neck, and even their jaws. Furthermore, such women complain of problems sleeping comfortably, and limited clothing availability. You don’t have to look far to find stories of women that keep taking augmentation to extremes that will be recognized by the majority of the public.

Check your own reasons for wanting an increase in your bust size. What are your motivations?