Breast Reconstruction Recovery Time

Finding highly skilled plastic surgeons in the your area for any number of breast surgeries should be fairly easy; chances are, if you live in even a decent sized city, your city has more than its fair share of highly qualified, board certified surgeons. It’s coming to terms with a breast cancer diagnosis, undergoing mastectomy, and then making the decision as to whether or not to choose reconstruction that further complicates an already overwhelming situation.

So if you’ve already decided on reconstruction after your mastectomy, of course, you’ll want to get this as far behind you as fast as possible. Most women experience the very understandable emotions of ridding themselves of this alien intruder as soon as they can, hoping to reclaim their feelings of lost dignity and hopes of getting back to some sense of normal living.

Compared to healing time after a mastectomy, which has a shorter recovery time than when reconstruction is involved. With implants, typically, the patient can go home after a couple of days. After reconstruction involving a flap procedure, there is a considerably longer recovery period, including more involved care regimen. Again, in contrast, as a reconstruct patient, you can expect to manage an excess fluid bag, pain and numbness at the site of the incision(s), and a number of other, more vigilant considerations.

All of these considerations your surgeon and his or her staff will go over with you as you plan out the months to come and monitor your progress.