Your Guide to a Successful Breast Reconstructive Surgery Consultation: Expert Tips and Insights

Breast reconstructive surgery is very much a part of the work of an excellent, accredited plastic surgeon; and it could very well be a part of your life, too. There are many reasons for the need of reconstructive work, including breast reduction or reshaping. All of such things should begin with consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon. The good news to know right away is that you have a lot of flexibility in your favor, which should give you some peace of mind while contemplating this kind of procedure.

To begin familiarizing yourself with some aspects of breast reconstruction, prior, of course, to your consultation with a surgeon, you should know there are two main categories of reconstruction:

  • Implant reconstruction, which uses a saline or silicone implant to create a breast shape
  • Autologous or flap reconstruction, which takes tissue from another area of your body to create a breast form.

In some cases, an implant and flap may be used together.

Perhaps the most common instance for reconstructive surgery for a woman’s breasts is in tandem with mastectomy surgery. However, and perhaps equally as surprising, there are a number of reasons to ponder as to why you might either undergo reconstructive breast surgery or not, as not all women choose to move forward with an operation.

The important thing to remember is that whichever choice you make will be a very personal one. In truth, consulting with a surgeon will bring about considerations that might never enter your mind until you happen upon such realities post surgery.