Surgeons in my area



“Certified plastic surgeons in my area.” Go ahead and Google that. See what comes up in the search. Go ahead; we’ll wait. Chances are, if you did the search, or if you have before, a whole bunch of paid-for ads appeared at the very top of the results. These are the “sponsored links,” meaning, of course, those businesses paid Google to place their site at or near the top of the search results. After that, Google will have probably geared your results to your particular area and brought up relevant results.

Now you have the tedious task of reading up on various surgeons that may or may not really be in your area. You’ll look at their physical address or that of any other branches or clinics they might have. You’ll read reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Perhaps even read some accolades from review boards or other entities in the doctor’s medical community, giving praise and support.

Of course, all of the comments will be positive! This process could take you quite a while. If you’re lucky, a friend or other associate might have referred you toward a particular doctor, and maybe you’ll go with him or her for your breast surgery. All depending on which procedure it will be and whether or not that doctor performs it. Most likely, he or she will.

But there’s a much better way to ensure you get a doctor certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Go to their site here.

Choose your city and find one close to you. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t go wrong.