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The breast implants rice test helps you find the perfect silicone size

What’s The Best Breast Implant Size For Me?

Have long have you asked “what’s my perfect breast implant size”? Are you seriously wanting breast implants? Boobs that shape your future must first be shaped by you! Test your new boob size on in the privacy of your own home. Take the time to feel the differences in weight. See how a full C-cup fits into the blouses you wear to work. Maybe try a DD set of new breasts on while wearing your favorite sports bra. How do they feel.

Breast Augmentation Breast Sizes Matter:

1. You should be concerned about how you will live, work and function with your new breasts.

2. The before and after pictures on Plastic Surgery websites are usually of thin, young model types, which is just dumb advertising. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishes an annual report that details all breast procedures and cosmetic procedures by demographics. It’s the very normal, very wonderful types of people, like you and me, that get these procedures done. Read more in the annual Plastic Surgery Report .

For many of us, our post-surgical life will be longer than our life before our breast surgery. So take your time and try the rice test.

What looks best for your breast…and for you?

Think about your frame size and body type. To figure out what’s doable, wear them at home. Logically, the best thing for you to do is to consult with a Medical Professional or several as they are specifically trained in addressing these very real concerns.

How do you find the perfect breast implant size?

One great idea in choosing your ideal size, is to visit various plastic surgeons’ websites and there are bound to be ample “before and after” photos of patients’ results. In most cases, the procedures show an improvement! This should “pump up” your enthusiasm!

But if you want to “try on” new breast sizes on your own, you can try what’s called the rice test:

The steps for taking the breast implants rice test:

Step 1: Cut off foot of panty hose and insert dry long grain rice and tie the ends. (Use the key below)

Step 2: Place the ample amount you desire in both feet. Put the rice bags beneath your normal bra, on top of your breasts, and distribute the rice. Wear different styles of clothes around for a couple of days and see what you think.

How do you size your rice test breast implants?

Size Key:

150-200 cc of breast implant size equals a cup size in the same bra.

  • 1 cup = 236 cc

The rice test isn’t an exact science, but it is the most accurate way to test the girls. In other words, this simple approach can help you avoid mistakes. As a result, you will live a long and happy life, and you will feel as good as you look. Your new boobs will be more than boobs. In fact, they will be an addition to the fabulous you that you are.

Next up…the water baggie test!