Tips for Surviving the Post-Surgical Bra Blues and Bouncing Back with Confidence

Tricia is a typical, young urbanite trying to make her way in the world. Arriving in Dallas from Los Angeles, Tricia wanted to re-enter the world of modeling in Big D. Well, everything is bigger in Texas, including breast. Tricia sought out a well-known plastic surgeon to give her the breast augmentation Hollywood dreams are made of. Tricia spoke of her post BA experience.

“The bra was so uncomfortable! My doctor didn’t talk much about it. All I knew was that I was going to wake up in a bra. I had to wear it for three weeks, and then I was told to just wear a sports-bra.”

After viewing and trying on a Karlee Smith post-surgical bra, Tricia had a different take on the idea. “Wow! I didn’t even know there were bras like this. I was just told I would be given a bra and had to wear it. But, this is awesome! It really supports me and feels much better than what I was given. And it looks amazing. I felt like I was wrapped up in a medical bandage after my procedure. I paid a lot of money for my boobs, which I love, but, I got an ugly bra to go with them.”

Breast augmentation is a big step for women. A surgeon takes every measure in giving a woman the best surgical procedure possible. Surgical centers typically use the same old medical bra for their patients. Breast Augmentation procedures have changed over time, yet the bras have remained the same.

Karlee Smith Compression Garments have taken bras into the 21st century with cutting edge technology and merging it with high-end fashion sense. A Breast Augmentation should be more than a state-of-the-art medical procedure, only to be bandaged up in a mediocre bra. Karlee Smith goes beyond the surgery to provide the utmost post-surgical care for women. A Karlee Smith post-surgery bra maintains the original design the of the doctor’s craft, giving maximum support in all areas of the patient’s breast and body, wrapped a fashionable piece any woman would be proud to be seen in on day one following a procedure!

Ask for a Karlee Smith Compression Bra at your meeting with your doctor and get to know total recovery in pure comfort and elegant style. Share your experiences with post-surgical garments by sending Karlee a Love Note!