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If you’ve already decided on breast augmentation surgery, you most likely don’t “need” any more reasons to go through with getting your implants. But what the heck, right? Why not get some more encouragement; and you might even learn some facts you hadn’t even considered and thus further bolstering your resolve to increase your bust!

We’ll avoid the cliché “countdown” approach and start right off with the #1 advantage or reason to go ahead and go for breast enlargement surgery.

  1. Wardrobe advantages. Lets’ face it, ladies. When you’ve got a nice set of breasts, you can fill out sweaters better, have real cleavage, and simply carry off outfits that you really couldn’t with tiny titties. smoking hot women with small breasts, but…we’re just saying; big boobs do tend to make outfits look better!>
  2. Jobs. Statistics show that women with bigger breasts tend to get better jobs, gain more promotions, and seem to pose a more assertive and influence in the workforce.
  3. Childbearing viability. Larger breasted women can better nurse newborns and breast-fed newborns statistically turn out healthier. Plus, some studies show many men check out breast size to determine this very thing!
  4. Life longevity. Studies show that women with fuller figures tend to live longer, while women that are underweight typically have more health problems overall.
  5. Physical Presence. You know it as well as the next gal, girls with the bigger boobs tend to command more attention, and wield a greater “room presence,” influencing people to listen to her more, and, like we just said; gain more attention—from men and women

Now go for it!