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Medical Customized Post Op Bra Black - 200 Minimum
Medical Customized Post Op Bra Black - 200 Minimum
Medical Customized Post Op Bra Black - 200 Minimum
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Medical Professional FAQs

Do you offer free samples?

We provide 100% money back guarantee so if you have decided after your order that you no longer want to use the items, we will refund you for any un-used and un-opened items that are sent back to us in the first 30 days after your initial purchase.

How do I get started to order for our practice or surgery center?

First step is to register with us using your NPI # or your surgeons NPI # and an email address that is best for your office or surgery center to buy, track, and earn rewards.

It is best to use a general office email or use an email for the person who handles the ordering since points earned for your office are not transferable between emails so if you have different people that order each time or often have different staff members that may need to handle your account it is best to use a generic or main surgeons email so you do not loose your rewards!

Can I buy only one time?

Yes, you can! Some products are one time purchases or monthly delivery and some have only monthly deliveries with the flexibility to pause or delay the next order so essentially is the same as a one time purchase.

If you want to order just “one order at a time” all you do after the first order is delivered is go into your account and pause the monthly delivery it will not bill you or send you an order until you decide to un-pause and reorder. So, when you are ready to order again go back into your account and un-pause and adjust your order for the next “one time” order if that works best for you. It is pretty simple!

Monthly deliveries are essentially a more efficient way of ordering so you don’t over stock the office or operating room.

What are the prices for medical professionals?

Prices vary based on the product and quantity ordered. These are all visible once you have registered.

What is the minimum order quantity for medical professionals?

It typically varies depending on the medical product and all this information is available on each product page after you register.

What if I get a delivery and need to change the sizes or realized I have have too much inventory of a certain size on hand?

Any unused products in original packaging are able to be exchanged or swapped out at any time for monthly deliveries unless it is a custom product or custom order.

What is "club medical"?

Once you register and an account is created you will automatically be signed up to earn loyalty rewards that you can use towards future purchases, to redeem for free shipping, try new product, or other exclusive offers.