Breast Surgery Non-ASPS Certified Surgeons Dangers

A couple of posts ago, we spent some positive time on the fact that the vast majority of women that undergo breast surgery, particularly breast augmentation surgery, are happy with their results, with close to 99% being more pleased than they had imagined they would be! Awesome results, right?

But don’t let those spectacular stats allow you to relax your own, personal caution in finding the proper surgeon for you, to ensure your breast implants are skillfully placed, and also to ensure what is best—and safest—for you. You simply cannot be too careful. That is why we revisit the importance of making certain the surgeon you choose for your boob job has been certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and has had plenty of success under his or her belt to bolster appropriate confidence in his/her actual abilities.

And though we hate to dwell on the scary cases that do occur, just imagine if you become one of those cases? The thought should give you a healthy degree of cautious fear. A botched boob job can lead to cancer and even a full mastectomy! Watch this brief video on the ASPS website as one victim that sought a “quick boob job” resulted in tragedy.

Do your homework. Travel the extra miles, if you must, to have ONLY an experienced, ASPS-certified surgeon perform your breast surgery. It’s well worth the wait and sacrifice of time and effort.