Common Complications After Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know

As with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation does pose some complications that you should be aware of, to keep you on guard. Let’s visit a few of these, here, and we’ll link you to an all-inclusive list for you to review at your own leisure.

The most common problems associated with silicone gel-filled and saline breast implants arise in the chest area are known as “local complications.” The most frequent being what is called “capsular contracture,“ which is the hardening of the breast area around the implant. Other problems include the need for additional surgeries, removal of the implant, and/or rupture or deflation.

Some other local complications include folding or crumpling of the implant, lop-sidedness, scarring, pain, and infection at the incision site. Such local difficulties usually lead to the removal of the implant. For a more comprehensive list of potential problems associated with breast implant surgery, the FDA has an online booklet you can use to better inform yourself.

Of course we don’t bring this information to you to dissuade you from moving forward with breast enlargement surgery, not by any means; but to help “arm” you with all of the knowledge you can gather going into your surgery. Another thing to keep in mind is many of these complications don’t happen until years after the implants have been placed.

So read up! Make sure you research your best choice of surgeons; it might even be worth your time and extra expense to travel to another city, if it’s not too far away for you, and if the surgeon you seek comes highly recommended and has fantastic credentials.