Our Europe Trip


Our Europe Trip, a French Inspiration, Italy was the Final Destination

July 2013

We planned to visit Nice, France, Monte Carlo, Milan, Italy, and Venice. We were extremely excited to go to Monaco and Venice! Our hotels in both places were an inspiration alone. Before we left for our trip, I decided to plan out my outfits. This is always exciting especially when you get to shop for something NEW! Often, I think about the experiences along the way when I was shopping for my NEW BOOBS. It was fun and nerve racking, but I knew when I looked in the mirror at the NEW me after surgery, I would LOVE how I looked. Plastic surgeons don’t tell you all the rest that comes with a breast surgery. What I found is that whether it’s a vacation or surgery, there are lots of details we sometimes miss. The important part for most of us is feeling good, supported, safe, and secure while you let your body lead you to experience a lifetime of LOVE. This trip inspired more than bras to help women feel beautiful. It was the PINK charm that reminded me that women who experience breast surgery as a luxury are making a choice to improve their look and feel more womanly! Women that experience mastectomy breast surgery have no choice, a surgery on the breasts is the only option for survival. It becomes a fight! Our trip reminded me to spread our support and lead that fight! Why settle for less than what your worth if you don’t have to? Augmentation or mastectomy should not mean either patient gets treated with any less care than the best. Post breast operation, all women deserve the opportunity to experience a Karlee Smith Body Love post surgery bra to feel pretty and look stylish! Experience LOVE in your NEW BODY!