boob job


A Fast Track to Confidence: The One-Day Boob Job Guide

Most women think about or consider having a boob job for months, sometimes even years. Of course, as with any surgical procedure, deciding to have breast implants placed into your body shouldn’t be taken lightly. And it’s a good thing there are ways to “get a preview” of how you’ll look and feel with a larger bust before you settle on the right size for you; these ways including inserts you can place into your bra, or by simply trying the rice baggie or water baggie test!

But those tests only provide a vague idea of how you’ll look or how the added inches and weight will “feel” in your bra and under your clothes. But what if you could actually take bigger boobs for a real test run, so to speak? What if you could have them there, under your skin, convincing in their reality, under your lacy bra or bikini top without the long-term commitment of full on implants? What if you could have them for, say…a day…and then go back to your previous size?

By now you’re probably saying, “Get on with it already!” Well there is a brand new procedure that will allow you to temporarily have breast implants for a 24-hour period, and then they are deflated. Saline is injected into each breast area, to the size you want, and then after about 24 hours, the saline is absorbed into the body (the saline is harmless to the body).

The procedure is called, appropriately enough, the Breast Boost. The procedure is more involved and allows you to also experience the emotional impact having breast augmentation can/will have on you, unlike rice bags. You gotta love medical science!