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Breast Cancer Considering Reconstruction

Upon diagnosis for breast cancer, your mind will race…at times you will be at a loss for words, decisions, or actions. The truth is; there is no easy way through this, but empowering yourself and having a course of action based on understanding is your best defense against complete bewilderment and despair. So here are the main points surgical/medical experts have found should be considered—and action decided upon—for the best possible preparation:

  • Your feelings and emotions. Such a loss can greatly affect how you feel about yourself.
  • Your own health. Not neglecting your diet and general health is critical.
  • The probability of multiple appointments and procedures. The toil of so many, varied steps can greatly impact your life in ways you’d never imagined.
  • Scarring. Scars can often go beyond the breast itself and become visible outside bra and/or bikini area.
  • Absence of sensation in your new breast. Such absence of feeling can seem alien and be devastating to one’s sexuality presence.
  • Appearance. If you have a single mastectomy, will you have surgery to make the other one look the same?
  • Texture of the new breast. What will your new breasts feel like?
  • Recovery time. Recovery time for a mastectomy alone is faster than for reconstruction. How will recovery time affect your lifestyle?
  • Duration of newly constructed breast. Not all procedures last forever.

Having realistic expectations and clarity of thought will go a long way toward making the very best of such a stunning ordeal. Consultation with a board certified surgeon and staff is the smart thing to do.