breast support


Whether you have undergone or will be undergoing breast enlargement, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction surgery due to mastectomy, or reshaping of your breasts, you must give appropriate importance to post operative care. It’s very important to pay special care for the correct support of your breasts so as to ensure complete and proper healing with surgical support bra.

In the past, when women have wanted a “boob job”, once the surgery was complete, and it came to healing, in an effort to reduce discomfort and pain, such ladies were mostly obliged to buy looser or more padded bras to suit their needs. This dilemma improved somewhat with the advent of the sports bra, or the “racerback” bra, both of which give significant support enhancement versus traditional bras made merely for day-to-day needs.

And when you’re post-op, there’s much more to consider; the details of which your surgeon will direct you on. But right off the cuff, you must consider cleanliness and retaining suppleness and viability of your sutures, which, in turn, will make for a safer recovery as possible.

This is where custom support of your breasts according to doctor’s orders makes all the difference in the world! Naturally, if you’ve made a significant increased in bust size, you’ll want to provide a sustainable system to take the added weight off the incision site so as to avoid pulling. Fortunately, today, technology is on your side, and custom support is readily available to you.

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