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Surgical Support Bra - Black & Silver
Surgical Support Bra - Black & Silver
Surgical Support Bra - Black & Silver
Surgical Support Bra - Pink & Gray
Surgical Support Bra - Pink & Gray
Surgical Support Bra - Pink & Gray
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Purple
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Purple
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Purple
Post-Op Comfort Bra - Black
Karlee Smith Post Op Comfort Bra Black Side View
Post-Op Comfort Bra - Black
Surgical Support Bra - Red Stripe
Surgical Support Bra - Red Stripe
Surgical Support Bra - Red Stripe
Post-Op Comfort Bra - White
Post-Op Comfort Bra - White
Post-Op Comfort Bra - White
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Surgical Support Snap Bra - Green Floral
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Green Floral
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Green Floral
Surgical Support Bra - Black & White Hearts
Surgical Support Bra - Black & White Hearts
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Surgical Support Snap Bra - Black
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Black
Surgical Support Snap Bra - Black

Step into comfort and support with our revolutionary shoulder surgery bras, tailored to ease your recovery journey and provide the care your shoulders deserve. One must take extra care to safely and quickly recover to return to their normal routine before surgery. 

A bra with hooks in the back can hurt or irritate your skin during fastening, as it may make proper lining uncomfortable. Karlee Smith knows that comfort is everything when you are healing. Their wireless front-closure bras are perfect for post-operations. There is no need to struggle trying to reach behind your back and fasten your bra since there are front closure bras with zippers for easy dressing. The soft wireless cups eliminate the use of metal or plastic underwires that might be uncomfortable during recovery but maximize the comfort level.

After surgery, we know that comfort should be the number one priority; therefore, Karlee Smith’s front-closure wireless bras are ideal for this purpose. These bras are made to support individuals who have recently undergone shoulder surgeries. Additionally, they come in assorted styles and colors allowing every woman to find what suits her best in terms of style.

Do not allow any pain or discomfort to slow down your healing process, especially after having an operation carried out on your shoulder joint.

Purpose of Wearing a Post Shoulder Surgery Bra

The purpose of a Karlee Smith shoulder surgery bra is multifaceted. With a primary objective to provide comfort, support, and aid in the recovery process after shoulder surgery, these bras offer several other benefits, including:
Preventing Swelling and Lymphedema

Karlee Smith’s specifically designed post shoulder surgery bras can help you avoid swelling and lower the chance of developing lymphedema, a post-surgery medical condition that causes swelling in the legs or arms.

Maintaining Good Posture

The pain and discomfort can adversely affect your posture without you noticing any changes. So, our post-shoulder surgery bras help you maintain good posture and reduce tension on the shoulder muscles, which is not important during your recovery but also for your overall health.

Supporting Healing Process

A woman's shoulders carry the weight of her breasts through a bra, which, if chosen wrongly, can result in uneven weight distribution, bruising, and skin irritation. Therefore, a comfortable post-surgery bra can ensure a smooth and successful recovery by providing the necessary support and comfort.

Easy Application and Removal

Post-shoulder surgery bras are simple to put on and take off without straining the muscles in the recovering shoulder due to their front-closure design and seamless structure.

Comfort and Healing

Wearing a comfortable bra post your shoulder surgery can help alleviate pain, and discomfort. Besides that, it allows you to focus on your recovery process without added stress from uncomfortable undergarments.

Customizable Features

A Karlee Smith shoulder surgery bra features adjustable straps, soft materials, and front closures that contribute to a customizable fit that adapts to the women's needs during their recovery period.

To put it briefly, shoulder surgery bras serve as your allies in the post-operative care by providing comfort, support, and ease of use to aid in the healing process after shoulder surgery. Their design features are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals recovering from shoulder procedures, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable recovery journey.

Types of Bras To Wear After Shoulder Surgery

After undergoing shoulder surgery, patients need to wear certain types of bras suggested by their consultant to facilitate their recovery process and minimize any potential discomfort. We highly recommend the following types of bras for post shoulder surgery wear:
Front-Closure Bras

These bras have a convenient front closure, which allows for easy wearing and removal without putting strain on the shoulder area. They provide excellent support and stability during the healing process.

Racerback Bras

Karlee Smith offers a range of racerback bras that are specially designed with a T-shaped back. This thoughtful design helps to keep the straps closer to the sides of the neck, reducing pressure on the shoulders. Additionally, some of our racerback bras are convertible, providing you with the flexibility to remove or change the straps to suit different needs. Whether you are looking for added comfort or versatility, our racerback bras are a perfect choice.

Adjustable Strap Bras

You can find a wide variety of Karlee Smith bras with adjustable straps that are designed to provide a comfortable and customizable fit. These bras are particularly beneficial for women who have undergone shoulder surgery or have shoulder issues. The adjustable straps allow you to reduce pressure on the affected shoulder, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. Whether you're looking for post-surgery support or simply want a bra that can adapt to your needs, our adjustable strap bras are a popular choice among our customers.

Non-Traditional Bras

Whether you're looking for extra support during physical therapy sessions or a more comfortable option for everyday wear, our non-traditional bras are an excellent choice. They are structured to accommodate the unique needs of patients recovering from shoulder surgery, providing the necessary support without compromising style or comfort. 

With our non-traditional bras, you can feel confident and comfortable during your recovery journey. Choose the option that suits you best and experience the difference it can make in your daily life.

After the initial recovery period, patients can gradually transition to wearing more traditional bras. We suggest starting with non-traditional styles that provide additional support and comfort. As your shoulders continue to heal, you can gradually increase the pressure on them by opting for bras with over-the-shoulder straps.

Remember, the key is to prioritize your healing process and avoid any unnecessary strain on your shoulders. Feel free to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.

Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are a great alternative for those who want to avoid shoulder strain from regular over-the-shoulder-straps bras altogether. These bras can be worn without shoulder straps, and you can stick some fashion tape to secure them onto the breast for more safety.

One of the primary advantages of strapless bras is their ability to alleviate shoulder strain. Unlike regular bras with shoulder straps, strapless bras distribute the breast weight evenly across your chest, reducing the pressure on your shoulders. That makes them an excellent choice for individuals who need to avoid any additional strain on their healing shoulders.

Plus Size Bras Post Shoulder Surgery

Karlee Smith's plus-size bras are particularly beneficial for individuals improving from shoulder surgery because of their precise functions and advantages. We genuinely believe that beauty knows no size and to celebrate every woman, from petite to plus, we offer bras that cater to different body types. Here are the unique benefits of Karlee Smith plus size bras for post-shoulder surgery:
Maximum Support and Targeted Compression

Karlee Smith's post shoulder surgery bras offer maximum aid and centered compression for our plus size ladies, making sure a secure and steady recuperation.

Stylish and Versatile

These bras are designed with a fashion-ahead method, making them appropriate for daily activities and physical exercises. 

Customized for Medical Use

Karlee Smith's post-surgical treatment bras are specially engineered for medical use, offering comfort and help throughout the recovery phase.

Suitable for Sports and Physical Activity

These bras are suitable for sports activities and physical activities, allowing patients to retain their energetic lifestyle even as they get better from shoulder surgery.

Front Zipper and Wire-free Design for Comfort

Our shoulder surgery bras feature front zipper and wireless design, ensuring pain relief and a relaxed feeling throughout the recovery period.

Antimicrobial Finish

The Karlee Smith post-surgery bras have an exceptional KSMX antimicrobial finish, which reduces micro bacteria and odor, simultaneously functioning to fight off infection to speed up the recovery process.

Karlee Smith plus size bras offer a maximum assistance, centered compression, stylish and versatile designs, personalization for clinical use, suitability for sports activities, the front zipper and wireless layout for consolation, and an antimicrobial finish for contamination prevention, making them a realistic and pleasing choice for people convalescing from shoulder surgical procedure. 

Some Common Concerns Following a Shoulder Surgery

Recovering from shoulder surgery can bring about various concerns and obstacles. It's important to remember that each person's experience may differ depending on the type of surgery and their overall health. Here are some common issues that patients may encounter after shoulder surgery:
Pain Management

It's normal to experience pain after surgery. To ensure a comfortable recovery, it's important to follow the pain medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Swelling and Bruising

Swelling and bruising around the surgical area are to be expected. Applying ice and keeping the shoulder elevated can help reduce these symptoms.

Restoring Mobility

Initially, you may find it difficult to move your shoulder freely. Your surgeon or physical therapist will provide you with exercises to improve your range of motion over time.

Rebuilding Strength and Preventing Muscle Loss

During the recovery period, the muscles around your shoulder may weaken. To regain strength, it's essential to gradually engage in strengthening exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist.


There is always a risk of infection after surgery. To minimize this risk, it's crucial to follow proper wound care instructions and promptly report any signs of infection, such as increased redness, swelling, or drainage, to your healthcare provider.

Nerve Damage

Although rare, nerve damage can occur after shoulder surgery. If you experience any unusual sensations such as numbness, tingling, or weakness, it's necessary to inform your surgeon as soon as possible.


It's common to experience stiffness in the shoulder joint after surgery. Regular physical therapy and consistent exercises are essential for preventing and addressing stiffness.

Following a Recovery Plan

Adhering to the prescribed recovery plan is vital for a successful recovery. Attending scheduled physical therapy sessions and performing recommended exercises at home are useful steps to regain full function.

Medication Side Effects

Some medications prescribed for pain management or to prevent complications may have side effects. It's important to be aware of potential side effects and communicate any concerns to your healthcare provider.

Psychological Impact

Surgery and the recovery process can be mentally challenging. It's normal to feel frustrated, anxious, or even depressed. Openly discussing your feelings with healthcare providers and seeking support from loved ones can be helpful during this time.

By understanding these common concerns and challenges, you can better navigate your recovery journey after shoulder surgery. It's essential to remember that each person's recovery journey is unique. While some individuals may progress quickly, others may require more time and support. So, remember to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and guidance throughout the process.

Benefits of Wearing a Shoulder Surgery Bra 

Shoulder surgery bras are designed to provide the necessary post-operative support while minimizing strain on limited mobility and ensuring a comfortable recovery. Here are the key benefits of using a shoulder surgery bra 
Minimizing Strain on Limited Mobility

Your movements become restricted after going through shoulder surgery, meaning it gets difficult to lift your arm or reaching behind your back becomes a slow and painful process. A front-closure bra minimizes strain on the limited mobility and provides support without additional discomfort.

Ease of Dressing 

Front-closure bras make it easier to put on and take off without causing additional strain on your shoulder muscles.

Preserving Dignity and Confidence

Though it is completely personal, going without a bra may not be a viable option for some women, even during the healing process. A right shoulder surgery bra equips you with the confidence to carry out regular day-to-day tasks without causing additional injury.

Comfort to Aid Healing

In addition to serving convenience, a shoulder surgery bra provides adequate support in the healing process. The use of soft fabrics in a well-fitted bra contributes to minimizing discomfort and irritation.

Adaptable Support for Every Stage

The front-closure design mitigates the risk of over stretching, minimizing potential discomfort. The right shoulder surgery bra offers adaptable support for every stage of recovery, from the first few days to more active periods.

Customizable Fit

This means that many front-closure bras have stretchable straps and bands for cups ranging from extra small to extra-large.

Comfortable and Supportive Materials 

Shoulder surgery bras are made of soft fabrics that caresses your skin without causing any extra pain.

Non-Traditional Bra Options

In some cases, surgeons will ask a female patient who has gone through shoulder operation to wait until two weeks is over before she uses a traditional bra; it could be strapless bra, racerback bra or a front closure bra, which may depend on the type of surgery and patient’s comfort level.

Ease of Wear

The need for a comfortable brassiere goes beyond mere convenience—it is an important aspect in relation to supporting the healing process as well. This is especially true for soft materials and bras that fit properly, reducing discomfort and irritation.

Brand Recommendations

Karlee Smith website has an assemblage of front-closure bras specifically designed for people who have had shoulder surgery so they can feel comfortable and supported throughout the healing stages.

One Strap Bras For After Shoulder Surgery

The use of one-strap bras can be an innovative idea after shoulder surgery since they offer support and at the same time help in preventing strain on the healing shoulder. Benefits of wearing a one-strap bra after shoulder surgery include: 
Comfort and Support

A one-strap bra does not put pressure on the injured side which is essential as it allows for painless recovery.

Adjustable Straps

Many one-strap bras have customizable straps that patients can loosen or tighten to provide relief to their affected shoulders while they recover.


One-strap bras are often made of soft breathable materials that reduce the chances of irritation during the recovery period.


Certain one-strap bras convert from over-the-shoulder straps to strapless or racerback styles, offering variety in attire options for those who are convalescing from shoulder surgery.

Ease of Wear

One-strap bras are more manageable when dressing and undressing without exerting pressure on the healing muscles, hence an appropriate choice for people who are recuperating from their operation on their shoulder.

To sum up, these unique advantages offered by one-strap bras for those patients suffering from shoulder surgery include comfort, support, adjustable straps, breathability and versatility thereby making them appropriate and pain-free choices among individuals recuperating from shoulder surgery.